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It“s nice to see, that this is back again. Keep up the good work. ;-) /Dishy
Radar/Arcade 2004-03-10
Nice site, even found some missing intros from Victims ;-) Keep on working, it's a good idea covered under a nice web-design. Great!
[ Titan HomePage ] 2004-03-10
Cant find yar contact e-mail, so just to drop ya a link to my c64 intro collection: Its gonna go offline soon, so... Hurry! :) -757
Hmh.. where's the option to download the whole bulk.. as in one big zipfile.. downloading 1.5k of files takes waaaay too long :/
cool site with cool intros!
Doc Snyder [ c64 cracktros re-done in flash ] 2004-03-08
Great site.. it's good to know that this outstanding ressource is back online!!
dalezy/creators+f4cg [ rngmnn+dalezy ] 2004-03-08
hej herr zyron, keep up the good work, this site is really essential for anyone into collecting intros. =)
Almighty god/Onslaught [ Level 64 web page, a spanish 64 group. ] 2004-03-08
Really nice collection. Good job, allways it's really cool to have all this stuff together.
Site is quite nice, it's good that someone still remebers about our oldie C64. I wish You good luck and a lot of updates.
Nice... nice... This is how it starts! This is how it ahould be. Pure 64 style! Great job... Keep it up and raise the amount of intros! Honesty/Afl“70
Mike 2003-05-01
visit my page for old USA intros and demos
zOr-e/hardcOre 2003-04-06
Hy Zyron... I really like the idea of the site, and if I should somewhen happen to find the time, i will send you some of the missing harcore and elysium intros... c.u. zOre
Wow! Awesome site! We had so much fun during the goold old 64 days that it seems like it was not so long ago but already around 10 years have passed by and i wish the gaming scene would have never become like it has so we could still be doing this! ;) good thing that we can now use emulators to revive those memories! if anyone from the old school (our old friends and contacts) wants to get in contact with me it will be a pleasure! even those from the old days before empire was born! i bought a 64 in 1982 and have been a fanatic ever since then! keep up the good work with this site! greets to every c64 lovers!
[ ] 2003-01-13
Got into a Commodore 64 in 1984... When my Mom who was still living at that time bought it for me..... Ever since then I think Commodore is AWESOME and still does as the CCS64 emulator even on a PC.... Well thanks for the cool site... Your pal. Del The VORTEX-MAN!
how do i play the intros (.prg)?
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