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conrad 2008-06-16
Very nice collection of intro here! I've also sent my own pack to you ;-) Keep it up, fellas!
[ Non-C64 ] 2007-11-24
You're doing great job preserving old intros.
ozone 2007-08-25
Need more!! Canīt wait 4 updatez. Insert Floppy or Press Play on Tape... Now!! Do it!!!
[ My Space Page! ] 2007-08-21
Call Running Color 64 8.0x Under winvice and TCPSER Download cgterm for Best color results, BBS open 24/7.
X-Raffi 2007-06-25
Regards for ya Update, i have waiting long for that one ;) @Syndrom: Greedz from Alex (Aka Mike / BB / X-rated from Munich
Syndrom 64 of AXENON 2007-06-16
Congratulation for the fantastic souvenirs of the C64 world. Syndrom 64 active on C64 until 1989 (police house search :-))
[ ] 2007-05-31
Hey, I sent all remaining Secure intros quite a while ago and not a single one was included in the latest update. Why is that?!
ACM [ Auto Check Marpe ] 2007-01-28
Excellent homepage. This brings back a lot of memories watching the intro screens and demos almost 20 years ago. All the best.
Draz 2007-01-02
This is truly one of the highlights on the Internet. It might be because of our own contributions, in the shape of intros. However, you guys are doing a tremendous job! Here I can go back in time and remember all the good times we had. God, do I miss it sometimes.
[ ] 2006-10-05
A really cool web site! Brought some memories back!! A pity there isn't any Scorn Techno Logic intro :/ Back then we had some nice intros. Perhaps we weren't THAT famous, but.. the intro is the intro, and besides there were worts than ours :) Please guys, put some effort and rip some STL intro off :) I would be so glad to see any STL intro here! Cheers and keep the good work!
[ Titan demogroup's website. ] 2006-09-30
Good site guys, congrats for that :) respect.
Regards to the only condign and justified c64 intros web page :D. Keep it work ! :D
TWR [ Christraping metal!!! ] 2006-08-28
C'mon, Zyron... I want MOOOORE updates. ;-)
great page rygar /science 451 & many other grps
..::Crime of Alpha Flight 1970::.. [ ] 2006-08-04
Legends never die... Greetings to all pilots and to all AFL contacts...
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