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[ ] 2007-05-31
Hey, I sent all remaining Secure intros quite a while ago and not a single one was included in the latest update. Why is that?!
ACM [ Auto Check Marpe ] 2007-01-28
Excellent homepage. This brings back a lot of memories watching the intro screens and demos almost 20 years ago. All the best.
Draz 2007-01-02
This is truly one of the highlights on the Internet. It might be because of our own contributions, in the shape of intros. However, you guys are doing a tremendous job! Here I can go back in time and remember all the good times we had. God, do I miss it sometimes.
[ ] 2006-10-05
A really cool web site! Brought some memories back!! A pity there isn't any Scorn Techno Logic intro :/ Back then we had some nice intros. Perhaps we weren't THAT famous, but.. the intro is the intro, and besides there were worts than ours :) Please guys, put some effort and rip some STL intro off :) I would be so glad to see any STL intro here! Cheers and keep the good work!
[ Titan demogroup's website. ] 2006-09-30
Good site guys, congrats for that :) respect.
Regards to the only condign and justified c64 intros web page :D. Keep it work ! :D
TWR [ Christraping metal!!! ] 2006-08-28
C'mon, Zyron... I want MOOOORE updates. ;-)
great page rygar /science 451 & many other grps
..::Crime of Alpha Flight 1970::.. [ ] 2006-08-04
Legends never die... Greetings to all pilots and to all AFL contacts...
ddan 2006-08-04
Can we download ALL of them in one rar file? Great site btw.
[ a lil about us ] 2006-02-10
Just wondaful!Just found this and seems really fine. Greets to all that I know. Also informing about our website Some tunes found there and more to come. 64mula uses TBBs editor and action replay, no other boosts.Tunes taken straight from 64 to pc and burned, no mixing & effects. Lets keep the best alive!
Who do I talk to about some intros I know you don't have here?
Ze' 2005-12-28
happy new year Zyrondude!
funta 2005-12-03
Great site! Does anyone remember a cracktro with a little cursor writing some text on screen and correcting itself? That one had a nice tune :) Could have been intro for adv. constr. kit or mikie, but can't find/remember correctly :( Any hints? tia
[ Commodre/Amiga Scene ] 2005-08-24
Congrats,Really tuff & cool working.... i am ready support you with my 45.000 disks since i saved 1983 1983-2005 (22 Years On the Scene)
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