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Hello to The Warden of NEPA...I remember you! If you get in touch with Ted (if he still alive...good question, he would be well into his 70's now) say hello for me...those were hilarious rag wars!! Mike
Congratulations for your wonderful site - it is truly beautiful.
[ Group page ] 2005-05-17
this site really kicks ass... Let the spirit never die!!! 8bit were just enough to make god build the universe!!!
hi, i am looking for PARADOX intros & cracks. (espec. 2 intros made by me done in 96/97) if you own me! regards&thx, tecM0 PS: cewl site, dudes =D
The Thinker / TWG USA 2005-05-10
Props on the site! I just stumbled across it and it brought back crazy memories of the 80's! Whats up to everbody that I dealt with back in those days.
[ CounterStrike & MMORPGs ] 2005-03-27
Sup all....The Warden of NEPA Lives to fight another day. Trying to get in touch with Pira-Ted if he is still alive. Greetz & Peace to all Old Schoolers like me who are still out there.
Omega 2005-02-12
This site is soooo cool!! I've got myself a C64 back in the late 80's and I'm still missing that cute computer. Aaaah, those were the days. Nice to see I'm not the only one thinking about the C64. Keep up the good work!!!
[ bronx | zombie boys [c64-amiga] ] 2005-02-03
woow! great site... congrats people!, i'll send "BRONX" and "ZOMBIE BOYS" introz... also visit our site... i want to find out my old buddies, contacts... vigo/bronx since 1989 :::
Sokratekk 2005-01-25
Your side is one of the greatest projects in the whole C64 scene...- keep up the good work!
Memories.... I didn`t know, that there is existing such a big introsite... Allready downed about 50 and more... The intros were the most important thing in my scene-life, cause of the greetings... somebody knows a good forum, where i can find old pals from the past? I`ll never forget those great times on the 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey ZYRON! :) cant believe i didnt find this site before now. I always cared more about the intro then the game. gonna download ALL of these and transfer to the 64! zap! :)
rObin/tristar (ex-shining8) 2004-12-28
kewl site! memories....
matt'/tera [ Homepage ] 2004-10-21
This is fantastic: I just spent some time wandering through memorable intros, and thje "most commented" are definitely those I remember well (for many of us, the Dynamic Duo intros must have been some of the first we saw!). Please continue with this site, and you'll have captured a great collection of one of the important artifacts from the demo scene. This is like a museum!
Capitaine [ IRC/web chat ] 2004-08-29
There is something missing : one or several large(s) zip archive(s) to download the whole collection. Like here ====>>>
Zensonic of X-Factor 2004-08-22
Thanks for your nice site. I have spent a couple of hours seeing lot of intros from back then, my own included. May your souls live on forever for the coolness and hardwork you have put into this database. If you one day need someone to take over forsome reason, do not hesitate to contact me :-)
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