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Hi Zyron, as I told you, it´s great! I recently transfered my disks to the PC. I remember a lot intros still missing on your side. I will send you some games. A ripping FAQ is also a good idea. Please make the complete collection available in some Zip-files - for example like the HVSC - . And how about a newsletter? Then you could inform us about updates and when the page moves etc... I´ve been waiting for this page since was shut down. Keep on good work. We have so much demo collections, we need a real good intro-collection!! :-) Regards, Markus
GOTO8O [ ] 2001-01-10
Hei, Zyron! Jag har helt sonika snott några bilder och använt till ett skolarbete om demoscenen. Ni får givetvis credits därefter. Hoppas det är fint. Fint arbetat, len! Ny regel: gör lika många låtar som du lägger upp intros. Keep it up!
[ ] 2001-01-08
This is by far the best idea and site I have seen for the Commodore 64. The best thing would be a downloadable compilation of ALL intros in one piece.
Keep up the good work! Maybe you could set up a FAQ on how to rip intros from games?
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