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10.000 intros on site and we are introducing some changes! 2019-01-10
Welcome again! Firstly - we have passed 10.000 intros mark (with this lucky random intro :) )! It's hard to believe that we managed to achieve such a number. We would like to thanks all our visitors and supporters that helped us to achieve this milestone! Still, more intros are coming :)

And some news this time instead of classical update pack announcement:
- we are changing our update schema from update packs released irregularly to new auto-updater mechanism which will add two new intros every day. We plan to release update zipped packs every 100 new intros added though,
- we have pretty URL's that point to individual intro or group,
- better sharing mechanism to share single intro or group on social media,
- bunch of small changes and fixes.
We hope that you will like those changes and stay tuned for more :)
24 new intros 2017-09-16
Welcome back with new quick update, this time 24 new intros. No new groups or fixes this time.

We plan to introduce some changes related to our site, stay tuned for more details.
26 new intros 2017-03-10
Welcome again, this time we have 26 new intros and some intro fixes.

Groups updated this time include Laxity, Hokuto Force, Genesis Project, Atlantis, Atlantis + F4CG, Alpha Flight 1970, Angels, Accept and Collision.

50 new intros and 4 new groups added 2016-10-27
Another update, this time 50 new intros and 4 new groups.

New groups added : Legend+Federation Against Copyright, SHC Crackware Essen, Byte Engineers, The+Fantasy, The Real Gamebusters.

102 new intros and 18 new groups added 2016-05-31
And again we are back with 102 new intros and 18 new groups.

Groups added this time: Tuerk's Cracker Incorporation [TCI], The Cyborg Power System+Strike Force, Crash '90, Danish Science, Fastest Australian Supply Team [FAST], Fear, Idiots+Soldiers, Just Us, Lap Dancers, The Magic Cracking Service, Software Dreams International Crew [SDI], Shit, Slave Cracking Group [SCG], The Audion Industries [TAI], Tankard (AT), The Guardian, Triad+Genesis Project, The Supply Team.

100 new intros and 45 new groups added 2016-03-17
We are back with 100 new intros and 45 new groups.

New groups: 3001 Crackings Unlimited, The Almighty Orion, The Arcade Team [TAT], Avenger, Black Code Design, C+L, Circle of Nine, Cracking Team of Darkness, Creatures of Darkness [COD], D.O.A., Danish Magic, Despots, E.C.A. Industries [ECA], Enecopia Computer Crashers, Eurasia, The Fantastic Duo [TFD], Fast Importing Service, The Fire Force [TFF], Hoodlums, Jukebox, The Killers, The Limit Crew, Magicans (DE), The Mediterranean Team [TMT], New Garfield Crew, Ninjasoft, Noble Order of Thieves [NOT], The Nuclear Chain [TNC], Orion USA, The Pawn, R.A.P., Rambo Crew International 1964 [RCI], Red Boys, Reflex (DE), The Rush Team [TRT], Scanners, Soft Aids Team+Soft Service Switzerland, Sukhebauhe Ink. [SBI], System, The Taipan, Terminal Intelligence Agency, Transit, Under One Flag, Verca+China Syndrome, Wotan.

See you soon in another update!
101 new intros and 4 new groups added 2015-12-23
We are finally back again with 101 new intros and 4 new groups.

New groups: Chain, SoNic Extraction Service [SNES], Star Cracks International [SCI] and Weird.

Updated groups include: Alpha Flight 1970 [AFL], Atlantis+Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Energy, Equinoxe, Hokuto Force, Hotline, Jam, Laxity, The Spiders [SPD], The Ancient Temple [TAT], Warriors of Darkness [WOD] and many more.

100 new intros and 26 new groups added 2015-09-23
We are back again with 100 new intros from 26 new groups.

New groups in this update: New groups: Acid (UK), Acid Crew, ACT 501, Asics, Browbeat+Motion, Brainstorm, The Crack Machines [TCM], Demo, Fame (US), Hoaxers, Markiz, Power Cracking Group [PCG], Plutonium, Psygon, Red-Baron, Saphire, Scorpios, Sierra, Spitfire 2000, Squadron, The Action Crew [TAC], The Fantastic Five [TFF], Tracer, United Crackers, Zeen 666, Zynapz.

Updated groups include: Updated groups include: Atom, Blackline, Browbeat, The Dominators [DOM], Dust, Genesis Project, Mayday! (DE), Onslaught, Raw Deal Incorporated [RDI], The Riffs, Solar, West Coast Crackers [WCC].

50 new intros and 15 new groups added 2015-06-21
Another update, this time with 50 new intros and 15 new groups. Also 1 intro was fixed.

New groups in this update: Chaos Industries, Cyclotron [CTN], Dexion+New Life+Zargon, Advanced Dynax SidRiders [ADSR], Empire Software, Euratom, FCG (DE), Kraekers, Organisation for Software Swapping [OFSS], Sense Designs, Sphinxs, Vector, The Web Incorporated, Wicked+Burp, Zzap.

Updated groups include Eagle Soft Inc, Falcon, Laxity, Men Soft, Noice, World Wide Expressive, Zargon.
50 new intros and 21 new groups added 2015-04-03
We are back with new update containing 50 new intros and 21 new groups. Also 75 replaced intros which needed better cleaning and crunching.

New groups added: 3lux, The Bionic Force [TBF], Buddha the Trainer God, Cannon, Comtec, Density, The Expert Group [TEG], Fart, Hamburger Software Group 2112, Inferno (NL), The Infiltrators (DK), Lightning, Maximum Cracker, Poison (1990), Promise [PRS], Promise+Zenobits, Raspacho, Sitzgruppe, Sunset, Tomorrow Soft Group [TSG], The Wild Boys Crackings [TWBC].
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