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Triple Sided Delinquencies [TSD] 01

Fungus / Nostalgia 2004-09-25 17:59
Ahh yes I remember this, I can send the released version to you if you like. I emailed you already , and hope you reply!
Ogre / DSD 2004-09-24 01:28
Cyberdyne Warrior is the only game I know of that was released by TSD, which consisted of Double-Sided Delinquencies (Ogre & Crazy Caje) + Fungus ... I don't even know what music is on it becuase I've never seen the released version with an intro. I PAL-NTSC fixed it and trained it then gave it to Fungus to pack and release and then lost contact with Fungus. Fungus, contact me if you read this!!

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