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Empire 08

Rich/Empire 2010-11-11 08:02
In fact this was even before me or Etienne got into Empire! At that time all the members were people from the region of Quebec in Canada also but it was not before they sent me an original copy of Test Drive II and that later i sent them back the cracked version by mail that they asked me to join! :)
A couple of months after, i recruited the middle age caveman.. aherm i mean The Extremist (Etienne). hehe
Tristan/Empire 2005-11-28 18:03
This was the pre 91 Empire that pretty much had nothing to do with Empire 91-present. I think the only orrie members were Rich and Etienne. Most of the lamers in the old EMP were from Texas and did the import from canada that imported from the states bullcrap.

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