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BAM International, The 01

LCF 2007-01-20 18:44
I remember writing an acrticle on the early C64 scene for the Hackers Unit papermag, when I came across this intro. There was no telephone number in the intro, although they invited you to call them (see screenshot). It was "hidden" in the memory though. I called the number (in Belgium) and to my luck the guy (Bert) was home. It was his parent's number and luck had it he was home for the holidays to take the call. He was very suprised that people still knew about The Bam. We had a cool chat, and I used info from it for the article. It was really cool talking to an "old timer" when I myself was 15 of 16 :)
Tristan/Empire/Scs*Trc 2006-02-03 18:34
anyone remember THE BAM intro with the grid Sphere?? some Rob Hubbard zax and it was linked on some tool they coded. a packer?

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