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No Frills International [NFI] 01

Champion 2006-09-22 01:49
I actually created this logo and it was used on a few releases. The first being Arkanoid I believe. I sent my logo to Master Kracker on the Great Escapes BBS and he used it. I think the drawing program I used was called OCR or something like that. So tedious ;)

Rogue 2006-08-03 00:03
The NFI/triangle disk graphic was created in 1987/88 on a simple drawing program (can't remember the name). I shared it with Master Kracker and, as a result, was asked to join the group and do more graphics. I do hope someone can locate it.
Tristan/Empire 2005-11-28 20:49
I really wish someone could unearth the NFI intro with the triangle 5.25 floppy. I think it was on some SSI game.

Kree 2004-07-12 21:50
Ahh...this intro was/is one of my personal fav's. That city looks great. Nice colors.

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