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North East Crackers [NEC] 09

Ogre / DSD 2015-10-29 02:15
I just wanted to stop by and thank myself for leaving the "Beatbassie" message so many years ago -- Just installed Modizer app and am adding a bunch of tunes and forgot the name of this one. Yay Internet!
Anon 2013-06-09 21:35
Seen a few groups use this, it is from an intro maker?
Ogre / DSD 2004-09-24 01:06
I used to watch this intro (this exact one, Technocop) just to hear the music ... Just spent more than an hour trying to remember which tune it was ... Its "Beatbassie" by Jens-Christian Huus ... "JCH/Beatbassie.sid" in the HVSC ver 5.7 collection ...

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