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C64 Comics Group [C64CG] 03

sim1 2015-08-03 10:58
SOme of facts are known to me, a part of the story of Unknow. Interesting =).
azerty 2010-02-05 10:26
Had a fast chat with a guy who was in this group and later in Transcom. In fact the guys behind this group were French but had their Poste Restante in Belgium as they lived near the Belgium border. He also told me that Transcom means in fact Transcommunists, a bunch of guys with Anarchistic tendencies and their main cracker 'Unknow' is now a mathematic teacher in a military school...quite ironic isn't it ?
TWR 2006-08-22 14:17
Fuckin' brilliant intro!
Casimodo 2004-12-18 23:11
There is only one music used with this intro, the one done by Red (Think Twice3).
This music is simply one my all time favourite.
sim1 2004-09-04 01:17
But there were different music themes in this intro. Do you mean Think Twice III by Red? If so that the same with me. Cheers.
Capitaine 2004-08-28 02:40
Again, another intro that I let run for hours and hours, because I love the music. I also love the sprites multiplexing. I don't know others 87-88 intros with sprites multiplexers, while they usually always have rasters and sinus moving logos.

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