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World Cracking Federation [WCF] 01

Rough 2012-04-06 01:20
It's said to be coded by a guy called Mosquito, no demomaker stuff.
sekret 2004-12-03 12:56
Heh, I remember this one in 'Ninja Spirit'. Too bad it's probably some demomaker / ripped stuff. =/ Anyway, WCF had some impact for sure. Good old days... Now what about Quartet, FSS, SOK, KR'90, etc.? =)
CenTraX 2004-10-24 20:42

World Cracking Federation ... hmm. one of the 1st PL so-called crackers ... ;)


ps. also ripped by me ;) btw. all PL intros in updated lista are also mine ;)

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