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Arcade 02

Rhialto 2015-01-26 22:01
Funky scroller! Cool...
Didi/LXT 2013-09-27 16:21
Yeah, damn great intro!
Daison 2013-07-03 13:52
Annatar 2010-11-04 03:47
This intro was ahead of his time, one of the first to use a double-sine scroller.
Rough 2010-09-27 19:13
To say that Stefan Albes coded Turrican II with Manfred Trenz is not really correct, he just did the intro.
ZeSmasher/f4cg 2009-02-20 22:26
impressive piece of code!
Tyree/Arcade 2008-02-16 13:35
This is one of three intros done by Bacco of Arcade aka Stefan Albes, who programmed Turricane II togehter with Manfred Trenz, too.
Motion of GMI 2007-12-16 10:00
A very nice slick and smooth intro.
Twoflower 2006-05-12 13:29
This intro rocks. Really nice. The dypp-tech scroll, the balls, the logo, the starfield... Mmm... State of the art of its time.

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