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Electro 02

Twoflower 2007-12-07 08:26
@Kyle: Geos graphics - and the fonts included in the packages - was a great source of graphics back in 1987. The fonts included have been used in many scene productions, often mixed wildly and The Shadows-font (Gillies Gothic) is probably one of those. I haven't checked it in GeoWrite, but I believe that is very much plausible.
Kyle 2007-12-06 21:10
@ 2F: I was always wondering why so many groups used the font similar to that of the Shadows intro #1...guess it was a GeoWrite font ?!? Would make sense.
Twoflower 2007-12-06 13:17
Yep, really nice and 1987'ish intro. Wonder if that logofont is from GeoWrite or sth similar?
TWR 2007-11-26 15:18
Smooth Electro stuff.

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