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Excess 10

Rhialto 2015-05-14 15:41
Very nice! I count 7 different scroll speeds.
Daison 2013-08-12 15:05
not polished? even the lower border is included in the parallax!
I'd say that's pretty polished and shiny and everything!
St0rmfr0nt of ExCeSs 2013-07-29 15:39
It is not ripped, it was coded by Liquid of ExCeSs (Michael Strelecki), a member of X-Ample Architectures. He did code a lot of the game Greystorm.
Tormentor 2011-04-19 19:27
I just like it.
assiduous 2008-02-10 22:39
this intro is mostly ripped from the game Greystorm.
Twoflower 2008-02-10 22:37
Simply brilliant. Eventhough not that polished, this is a perfect example of how an intro should be made. Intros like these really brings intromaking to another level. I just wish I had seen it back in 1994.
Tristan/Empire/Scs*Trc 2006-02-01 21:11
awesome. But did you know..... there was the original EXCESS located in the UK circa.. 89-90. Imported a few things from them for Fantasy.
Druid / Agony Design 2005-10-08 01:42
This is one of my favourites intros. I like the graphics and the paralax scroller.

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