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Fresh (CH) 05

Freestyle/Fresh 2011-10-03 17:07
Even the amazing music was exclusively composed for our intro.
Ze Smasher / F4cg 2010-06-30 12:16
Kyle, that ZSS intro is now on this site, too...
Kyle 2006-12-17 22:43
Mat and Tim also did some ruling intro's for ZSS (Zorro Soft Switzerland) back in 1988. Check them out on csdb :-)
Ze Smasher 2006-12-14 23:14
yup, we commissioned MAT & TIM of Modern Arts to do that great intro for us. Year was 1989 I think. Many many kg's ago :)

l8r, Ze Smasher (ex-Fresh - Switzerland's #1 hehe)
Zyron 2006-12-14 22:49
Yep, Mat & Tim had very Fresh ideas. :)
Stainless Steel 2006-12-14 08:58
This intro was apparently done by Modern Arts (MDA) from Switzerland. Mat & Tim did some outstanding work in their time.
Twoflower 2006-05-12 14:46
It's a kind of weird intro, but I like the Tron font and the feeling of the intro. 1989-1990?

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