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Double Sided Delinquencies [DSD] 02

Crazy Caje 2007-07-01 01:09
Heya, I had to make this damn intro because I only had like 9 or 10 blocks of space left on the disk. I forget what game I ripped the music from, but it was the smallest music player I could find. The Name in the middle is made from 4 sprites Y stretched. I know I prolly should have made them bounce, move, change color but the music just didn't support any fun motion. All the fonts and gfx in my intros are made by me. Any way, they really need to include the intro I made for Altered Beast. It has my 4x4 font which I made using my own 4x4 font editor.

In you case you don't know, DSD was the only group that released file copiable cracks that included FastLoaders for 41/81. A lot of the games were re-cracks because lived on a remote island and couldn't compete with the 0day groups. But hey you couldn't beat the quality of our releases.

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