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Alliance 02

The Godfather 2011-12-11 23:50
I was in this group in its very last days, 1991-93. We didn't really do anything except for live off the TA name. It was pretty much just me and BTK and a guy from Germany called Aggressor. BTK's board was brought back online with 2400 baud, a LTK hard drive and running UCBBS. We had a lot of europeans blueboxing in to call. I was local to BTK and hung out with him many times but had NO idea about the terrible shit he had done. It was quite a shock to say the least. If memory serves, I remember BTK telling me that The Mad Reaper was the one who had died in the car accident. BTK is still in the state pen in southwest Ohio.
Ze Smasher 2006-12-16 14:52
what an happy story... :) merry xmas to you too!
I forget what my name was. I ran some of the teleconferences. 2006-12-16 09:12
Hey there. I'm responding to you, and I'm assuming you're Transactor. That's cool, but it's unfortunate that I don't remember you. Continuing with the bad news, BTK got popped for having sex with kids, and AFAIK he's still in jail in Ohio (his sentence was for something insane like 269 years or some crap). Music Man got popped (twice! and once VERY recently) for poking some little kid named BadMan. That kid was a prick, anyway. Chuck's currently (dec 06) in a halfway house in Florida, and he just got out from another 1 yr and 1 day stint in the pokey for what was essentially the same crime - they waited like 10 years to arrest and sentence him for a second charge. Either Surge or Reaper -- I forget which one, but it was the one in Texas 713 -- well, he's dead. He and a bunch of friends were driving down some sort of hill or mountain or something, and it was raining. The car ran off the road and flipped. Nobody in the car was hurt badly except him, and he was thrown out the passenger window and pretty much killed instantly, if I recall the news correctly. The other one (surge or reaper, I forget) I haven't heard from, though I didn't really know him that well, anyway.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.
The Transactor 2006-11-24 03:34
Yes, I was part of this group back in the 80s. I thought I would never see this again =)

Besides that, the Alliance leader was Billy the 'Kid which consisted of members: Music Man, the Surge, the Reaper and of course, yours truly! Back in the days when 1200 baud ruled and 300 baud was out! We allied with ESI, NEPA, and USI for warez. Plus many others, but at this age in my life, you tend to forget alot.

To wrap it up, if any original members are still around, drop me some mail!

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