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Napalm (US) 02

FIBER0PTIC/FBR/Napalm/THG 2017-09-14 06:08
Amazing how much more this intro is downloaded more than the other ones shown.

I have the IBM, Intros and NFO files plus logos created and not used (Secret Service kinda cut things short)

FBR, The HUMBLE Guys, Napalm & Worship.

Compiling all scene history from my personal collection, going to send it to Jason Scott and anyone else that catalogs... RADMAN, Jazzcat... Active c64 sites/ftp.

This site needs contact information section.
R0ADKILL 2016-01-31 08:18
I still have my original c64/c128 that I ran FIBER0PTIC HELL on.. Secret service markings still on them ;)

They kept my epyx fast load, action replay carts. I will look around site and post current contact info/update.


Update: Uploaded my BBS intro screen to 42Adult com
Psycho Stick 2015-01-20 07:33
Anyone still around? Let me know -- In Feb I have a all C64 twitch channel going live -- I'd like to bring ya'all on.
Stinger 2012-05-13 22:21
Hi guys! This is Stinger from Candyland BBS. I used to spread your wares.
Mason 2012-05-10 22:01
How many Napalm cracks did you release while the group lived?
PSYCHO STICK 2012-05-09 05:52
Wow! Blast from the past. How are all of you doing?
Intro Credits 2012-04-10 18:36

R0ADKILL reopened/started Napalm right after FBR closed, Some of his BBS gfx was done by Morrissey, and this logo is his style? The code could be from Tristan, Rich or Extremist, all of them import/fixed.

Shamus could have wrote the intro, Reverb for Music, possible Elric...

fiber0ptic hell
419 878 HELL (4355)

I know some FBR THG Napalm members are on IRC on the c64 channel & have a private room setup on SpiderNet

Napalm FTP Search in Google is still active & a good source of files.

Searching new .NFO's if I find more.

YouTube has the Hero2020 Intro
Rough 2011-11-26 19:51
@Napalm guy: Some credits for code, logo, fire, font and sprites would be cool for "Scene History".
Napalm Tits2add 2011-10-01 17:43
New screen shot will be sent & animated .gif with balls bouncing/Napalm sprite action. This logo is in use on the official members site (2011).

FIBER0PTIC HELL/FBR/Intense/The HUMBLE Guys/Napalm+Worship World HQrs. 419-878-HELL - Updated for 2o11 @ FIBER0PTIC c0m. Find Napalm's & other scene release details. VERIFIED Members gain unrestricted access 2 all 0day archives via FTP.

Scene History exclusive from the people that made it!
Rough 2010-09-28 22:05
Cool designing, a pity the screenshot doesn't catch the char with the tits. 8)

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