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Doughnut Cracking Service [DCS] 08

Gaz 2008-09-02 18:30
This intro was coded so you could use all sorts of different movements, character sets, music, etc. Then the person using the intro would just choose what they want, insert the text that they wanted, and it would put it all together ready to apply to a crack.

I saw on another site that someone was wondering who I was after my last comment. My name at the time was Crime, used to be in Excess, DCS and one or two others. Coder and Cracker.
TWR 2007-10-05 13:44
This intro doesn't look that good for being from '88.
Rough 2007-10-02 21:53
the intro was also used in a co-op crack with Ikari (Maria Whittaker's Strip Poker) using sprites saying Ikari instead of DCS-88
Gaz 2007-03-21 22:45
Wow, strange the things you come across while looking around the internet. I was the coder for this little intro.. jeez, seems so long ago now. Good times tho..
Kyle 2004-12-20 06:07
Theres a few variations to this intro, including a different bouce sinus to the colour bar, different font and of course different music. All in all a very classy intro...coded by Tri-dos ?
Capitaine 2004-07-11 04:57
They put the same intro on Batman Caped Crusader, but with another great tune. This is strange how everything is different when you change the music...

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