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Tropyx 01

snerg! 2023-09-19 14:27
Good old days. I still have an unreleased intro with another logo of mine somewhere on my disks. Probably finally a time to dig that one out.
V-12/TX 2016-01-05 16:26
We had no standards in those days for intros, cause we never have been a crack group seriously. Funny to read some anonymous comments after years. Best wishes for 2016!
p3ys_0n 2014-09-30 10:18
My logo ;)
WTF 2012-03-13 13:17
Ah Tropyx... best known for millions of Boulder-Dash releases and hate on emulator users. Those were the days 'yo!
FTW 2009-04-21 16:52
Tropyx-standard... crap.
TWR 2009-04-20 09:16
Tropyx-standard... great one.

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