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Dominators, The [DOM] 05

Tricket 2013-09-04 21:43
If I remember this correct, this intro was done by Henrik / Animal.
Lech Walesa 2013-05-24 21:06
Mos def the best one from DOM!
Rough 2010-09-20 01:06
by accident I guess
conrad 2007-11-15 21:43
Great one!
If I can remember, this intro had a repetitive affect on the tape motor, turning it on and off constantly.
TWR 2006-08-28 09:08
Not the best Dom intro but a good one indeed.
sim1 2004-05-30 03:05
The best Dominators intro, imo. The colors were very well chosen, fast with a good short, tune.

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