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Fantastic 4 Cracking Group [F4CG] 20

Daison 2013-08-14 14:21
various relatively simple things worked out really really well, love this intro!
Rough 2011-01-15 07:47
I liked the intro too, keeps up a good atmosphere with all the sprites and the excellent music.
Ze Smasher 2008-09-05 19:58
thanks, sim!
sim 2008-09-03 22:17
Great logo!! Nice sorceresses from Caludron I.
Ze Smasher 2008-08-30 12:33
Tnx, TwoFlower! :)
Twoflower 2008-08-27 19:21
Another very stylish intro from you, Smasher. Good vibe!
Ze Smasher 2006-08-11 11:25
ze witches are sprites from game cauldron, while ze stars are by me
Hades 2006-08-08 23:42
Very colorfull!!!
I also like the star movement and the witches.
Ze Smasher 2004-03-25 13:55
gfx+code by me, one of my 1st intro for the group...

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