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Array 02

X-Raffi 2009-06-06 15:49
Cool down Guys :)

If i stumble over that Logo or Intro i will post it.

But i´m almost sure that it is / was an Original Crazy Logo, got check if Pal is still lifing in Frankfurt, he can tell me that for sure.

Lamer 2009-05-31 10:21
Looks like you are the lame twat who should shut up. Go read
The Society of 64Sceners 2009-05-30 22:19
Bullshit, Crazy IS Array. Rygar was only for a few weeks in Array. But not in the time the Intro was released. So it MUST be from Crazy.
If you dont know what you are talking so shut up the shit.
Mason 2009-05-28 21:04
No this is the Rygar from germany who were in Array and other german groups
X-Raffi 2009-05-28 19:05
Is that Logo not Original from Crazy ?
Twoflower 2009-05-23 12:24
Whoo, nice big STOP-clone font with rasters, 3 color logo and mirrored sprites in the water. A very nice detail is that the small (1x1) font is a clone of the big one. Is this one made by Rygar/S451?

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