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Success+X-Ray 04

The Arrogance 2022-01-08 23:20
C'mon, really ? None would ever pretend that this is a beautiful Intro, because it is of course not and it was never supposed to be. It was all about getting closer to the limit. This is exactly what made this small machine such a successful one, because we, the sceners, after we had reached a new stage, always tried again and again to push the limits of the C64 to the next stage. No matter talking about demos, intros, cracks or whatever. Sometimes we were maybe following a wrong (and not so beautiful ;-)) direction, but at least we tried something new. What have you done, just in case Medicus is really your old handle back then, to extend the limits of the C64 ?
Medicus 2009-07-09 19:56
What an ugly ugly intro. I really hated the time when everyone had very small and mostly crappy intros just to have a smaller release. It all started when Triad's Gamer's Guide listed cracks sorted by size of the release no matter what quality it had. Really a shame :(

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