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Federation Against Copyright [FAC] 03

TWR 2006-10-04 10:00
Fac always delivered quality stuff.
AceFromFac 2006-09-29 01:54
Yep, this isn't the best we brought out, but sometimes we were in a hurry releasing new stuff, so some intros weren't that good, the warez were ;-))
TWR 2006-08-09 17:12
Yep, the Rocky intro looks indeed better.
Zyron 2006-08-09 16:45
This one was made by Rocky, he just changed the graphics & colours in the scroller when he joined FAC. Check Rocky intro 03 & compare (that one actually looks a bit better).
TWR 2006-08-09 13:22
Airborne Ranger is a good game, FAC a good group but they used intros better than this one.

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