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Fucked Beyond Repair [FBR] 01

Pero-Fotar 2009-08-08 01:35
I also like this music from this FBR intro, but I can't find the SID tune because I didn't know who is the music composer and thanx to you CONRAD that you mentioned Jens-Christian Huus as composer for this tune. Your information is correct and I finnaly find this SID tune. The tune is: Jens-Christian Huus - Can't Stop.
conrad 2008-01-27 01:11
Due to only having a PAL machine I never saw the true of the intro until now. I remember I kept loading up FBR's crack of Overlander just to watch this intro and listen to the fab music by JCH!
moRR/Lords/FBR 2004-04-22 22:54
Man, the music on this one was the bomb back in the 80s... a true classic.

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