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Fucked Beyond Repair [FBR] 09

Red Rocker/XPB 2007-12-13 02:38
Death Demon ruled on intros... it was amazing to me what he did back then.
Death Demon 2004-11-23 19:46
All FBR intros/demos are NTSC. Not PAL. The raster timing was perfected on NTSC systems and due to the fact that they were coded on first generation C64's, using the line counter wasn't really an option. So timing tables were used which allowed proper operation on a wider range of NTSC C64's. You can change the timing tables to work for PAL if you know what you are doing.

I can't remember where the music for this was ripped from though. I'd have to load up the intro, hear the music, and figure it out.

Most of my stuff was from Ben Daglish and Rob Hubbard. Used to talk to those guys on the phone all the time and they would help me rip their music optimally.
slayer 2004-08-18 12:58
Yes there is pal/ntsc switch on ccs. What I meant was, that I've tried hundreds of programs on it and never came across to ntsc only program. =)
Zyron 2004-08-18 06:45
NTSC is the system they use in the States while we in Europe use PAL. In the States they have 60hz currency, that's what causes it. The only way to "convert" them would be to make changes in the code, or sometimes recode almost the whole thing. I'm sure there's a selection in CCS too where you can change it to emulate NTSC instead.
slayer 2004-08-17 19:20
OK, thanks for info. I use ccs64 almost daily, but never had to chance that pal/ntsc. So, no running fbr intros on the real thing then. What would have to do, to convert these for pal?
Zyron 2004-08-17 06:40
It's from the game Shadow Skimmer and was composed by Neil Baldwin aka Demon.

Most of the FBR-intros are NTSC and won't run or look as intended on PAL machines, maybe that's why you think they're fucked up?
If you're checking them in Vice go to Options->Video standard and select NTSC and they'll work just fine.
slayer 2004-08-17 06:27
couple of these FBR intros are fucked beyond repair. Where's this tune (fbr09) ripped from?

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