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iAN CooG 2012-03-14 22:41
Conrad: don't worry too much, I prefer to fix glitches myself than having a buggy intro here. =) Many intros just need to fill 00 or fff, or have no space key check so I always make these small fixes. A couple of intros were also pal fixed by me so they don't run only on ntsc. I also remember an HTL intro that was so badly coded that won't even show the scroller, while the prg here shows the intro as it was originally intended.
Not counting the SHITLOAD of irq init fixes I have always to do, lots of intros just run by chance.
The rule to not change anything is about not adding "ripped by xyz", else we couldn't even fix the space for reset routine.
I one wants to see the buggy one for whatever reason, load the original crack.
conrad 2012-03-14 13:01
Okay, I may as well confess...
I sent this intro to Ian Coog back in 2008 and, even if it's highly against the rules to change ANYTHING in the intro code, I did deliberately put a fix somewhere in there to sort the logo program, as TWR mentioned. ... and, indeed, it was done via the music init call, as sim mentioned.

I didn't read the ripping faq at the time, so I apologise for breaking this rule.
TWR 2009-08-05 14:03
Yes, this is a good one. Never seen it fixed before thou, I remember watching the old ntsc-mess-up. ;-)
sim 2009-07-29 11:04
Great, brings many nice memories. The tune is by JCH, but with a different init address.

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