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Hotline [HTL] 03

Dabbsch├Ądel 2024-05-03 17:17
Little peace of art. I really love, one of the best intro in 1987.
Motion 2015-09-15 04:35
Talk about a no-nonsense, down to business, ruling intro. Dayum!
Rough 2010-09-24 01:15
one of the best Hotline intros for sure, loved that space shoot fx in the beginning (from Mega-Apocalypse?)
Dr.j/ The Force 2008-11-16 01:06
always liked the hotline intros. great group with
cool intro's . didn't know TMC was a member
in Hotline. good to know.. cheers to hotline!
Colwyn/The Force 2008-01-30 06:52
Geez Hotline had a lot of first releases for a good time i was spreading there warez in oz back then.
Moggle 2007-05-14 20:09
Hot, hotter, hotest hotline!
Great Intro by TMC...
stu 2006-10-25 01:03
Hotline also had a cool intro with big big white letters scrolling around the screen, i thought that one was one of their best.

I always remeber the HOTLINE letters before the intro started.

Visible / Vakuum 2006-08-17 14:57
Best Hotline intro ever. Great logo, 8 * 8 character scroll, rasters, mystic sound etc.

Perfekt intro style for the year 87...
Tristan/Empire/Scs*Trc 2006-02-01 20:44
ahh.. this intro was used on a mega trained version of Zynaps. Imported to the states by FBR in 87.


If anyone has this then please contact me.
Tristan/Empire 2005-11-28 20:46
ANother intro imprinted in my memory. I can remember trying to read the super fast scroll when I was like 13 years old. My eyes going crazy. And don't forget TMC's work with NEWLOOK. CD/TMC was also involved with another group... TEC?? TLC??? can't remember all the other projects besides, TMC, NEWLOOK, SCOOP, PROBE, HTL, MON, etc.
Ultimate 2005-02-19 17:19
Man those were the days liked the TMC and Scoop demos veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much:)
Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX 2004-07-28 09:52
Here you can see that Charles has still been busy in the game music world (also entries from 2003):,5435/
janer 2004-07-04 21:18
yep!!! greetings to tmc and jeoren....
SUPER intro... in this times i got gooseskin!
Hades 2004-07-02 09:33
one of the best intros ever, i like it so much.
TWR 2004-05-11 14:09
Pretty cool...
icon/rem 2004-05-09 21:51
One of my absolutley favourite. Pure gold....
Zyron 2004-03-18 21:06
I personally never liked this intro very much... Don't really know why.
WoLaNd 2004-03-18 19:43
For me this is the definitive HTL intro. The deep background sound, the 'title-injection' and the scroller - perfect. It's in my Top5 with the classic TCS and ESI intros.
BTW TMC's name is spelled 'Deenen'. He went to the States and was working for Interplay as an audio director for long time (Fallout 1-2 anyone?). Dunno what's goin' on with him today.
Kyle 2004-03-08 23:42
This intro was coded by TMC - The Mercenary Cracker, aka Charles Deenan who found Scoop and with Jeroen Tel, The Maniacs of Noise.

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