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Hotline [HTL] 04

TWR 2006-08-08 13:23
This intro is one of the best ever! A classic that belongs in the top 5 of all time. I love it!!!
Jayce 2004-11-19 02:21
In older C64 years there have been some funny anti-intros from people who did't love TMC.
Hotline was real cool, greetings to SLH and Popeye.
Zyron 2004-11-13 12:08
The music was made by Charles Deenen aka The Mercenary Cracker [TMC]. If you have HVSC you can find it here:
Goblin 2004-11-08 00:14
The music in this Intro rocks! Im not sure who wrote it but i think its Red. SID kicks ass!

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