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Ikari+Talent 10

Rough 2010-09-24 03:02
I can confirm this, it's by Fox.

And the 'Gauntlet II' font was pixelized by Kevin Bulmer.
sim 2008-07-28 00:52
Cheeers Twoflower.

The middle-scroll font was most probably made by Fox/DOM, Bonzai.
Twoflower 2008-03-15 00:00
Capital 1X2 font from Gauntlet II, the other font is another, really wellknown one. I can't place it right now, though.
sim 2008-03-11 13:28
the hunter: thanx for the fast answer =P.
the hunter 2007-05-11 21:58
i cant remember who made the font :)
TWR 2006-08-22 18:34
Naw, don't like this one.
sim1 2004-08-16 15:58
the hunter: rulez! you own with this one, really. respect, man! btw: you are also in charge of the gfx? who did the chars?
the hunter 2004-08-09 17:00
hehe, always cool to see your own creations again ,)

what fun times we had back then.. i made this intro for ikari+talent... the hunter from the depredators ,)

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