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Zagreb Cracking Service [ZCS] 04

East Man 2013-01-18 22:42
Yes - The Big Famous! You donĀ“t know them, so go ahead lamer. The Zagrebs send lot of stuff to the Grubenheimer Landcrew Scene and to the DDR Scene. In DDR everybody was knowing for best and fast stuff. For example the Zagrebs were the first group who sent Space Taxi to the DDR / Berlin East in 1988. That was a sensation to the DDR Scene and the first program with voice simulation ever be seen in the DDR.
From this point the Zagrebs turned to DDR No1. One or two releases for the DDR every 3month. The DDR was flooded with stuff.

Zagrebs rule!
TWR 2010-09-09 08:59
The BIG FAMOUS !?!?! :-D

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