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Galaxy Force 01

ICC Fan 2012-02-14 02:06
Noone mentioned yet that ICC used Roger Rabbit + TRC fonts already on Chuck Yeager, a crack from 1987!!!!

T-Tox/ICC 2012-02-13 01:25
YIIIIIHAAAAA its me! Triple Tox, the brother of D-Tox.... Oh my godness, D-Tox number on YOUR fridge for over 20 years. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh - i came!

I am gonna tell him. Sorry, he is still in hospital this time because he got Flitzebackebrausekacke. We are planning a big Copyparty with the members of KKSCHAGS Inc Dom ITNOBH593124 - Kriminal Kopier Schutz Ausser Gefecht Setzers Incorporated Dominated In The Name Of Bullshit Hackers593124. These Guys are still ALIVE and they got the absolut newest warez.

Be prepared.

Yours Triple T
Toxy Tox Tox / ICC 2012-02-06 19:44
Yeah, sure. I still got your number pinned on the frig for 20 years now. WE RULE THE SCEEEEEEEEENNNEEE. LLOOLLOL
All these lamers were laming on US BBS while we had all the games 1-2 months before they "first" released them.
Lamers, I say lamers. ROFL

Blasters were just a bunch of loosers copying our style. ROFLACHBAS
D-Tox/ICC 2012-02-06 18:36
Hey Toxed One
long time no hear. Aaah, its so good to see a post from u. Everythnig right?
Yes man, the times of GF are over but ICC will rule for ever.
What do u think about a meeting with all the other toxers from ICC? Call me... lets get ready for toxication.
Toxed One from ICC 2012-02-06 17:29
donchu say that we r lam, you lamo lame.

ICC/CCI rulaz in 2011 tru to the elitz 2012
Non_toxic off ICC 2012-02-04 17:36
Ehhrrrmmm, it s me, non-tox from ICC and i wanna know waht ya talking about? Modified by you? Sory, it s from Blasters and modified by them for ICC. It was a great coop that time between them and ICC.
Ok, my preassure is going up to 100% and i ll take my NH4...
Bye (people always talk b*llSh*i gnaaahhhhh....!!!)

Toxic of ICC 2012-01-31 00:32
Intro is From Blasters Inc and Modified by me (ex zak/galaxy force) Toxic of the international Cracking Company. This is my last Project under this Name.

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