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Time Zone 01

Starfox 2012-07-18 21:55
Hello, I'm Starfox,

I made this intro as far as I remember, or at least I made the original intro this was based on.

Time Zone was made by 3 guys originally: Myself (Starfox), my brother (Meanace) and The White Nigger (He might be the one called Diox 2001 at that time. I can't remember if he changed name to TWN or was aleady named TWN when we teamed up with him).

And BTW: I based my nickname: Starfox off of the Marvel Comics hero with the same name - not the C64 game that came later.

I had a bunch of gold lettered stickers made that said "A starfox sending" (lol), as we traded a lot (mostly my brother handled that) with Swedish, German and British groups (Detonator 4001, Mean Team, The Silents, The Supply Team etc. etc.)

TWN and myself coded demos mostly, and we made a some pretty good ones for the time. I unfortunetely can't remember any except one name Hip-Hop Demo.

Oh well, Fun to see after all these years =)


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