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Plutonium Crackers [PC] 03

iAN CooG 2009-07-08 20:56
Here's the replacement PC intro, old comments have no more value now. ;)
iAN CooG/HF 2009-05-17 15:09
hmm misunderstanding at its best. Let's rephrase.
Glider Rider and Grange Hill are made by the same coder (Michael Delves) and they share the same title screen and font, they can be distinguished only by the music and the text colors.
TWR 2009-05-12 18:39
Well, I didn't say it was the rip from a Glider Rider-crack, I say it is kind of a "Glider Rider"-rip off, speaking of the font, the style etc. etc...
iAN CooG/HF 2009-04-25 22:33
OMG! Never noticed this one! :D It's *not* from Glider rider, but it's the actual title screen from the Plutonium crack of Grange hill, where they just changed the texts, hence it's not a crack intro at all. Will be replaced in next updates with a proper PC intro. =)
TWR 2007-12-06 08:26
I like this Glider Rider rip off. Superb!
Jatzek 2005-09-28 13:18
Greetings from the past.
Jatzek, you know the crimename. :)

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