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Ambient 01

janer/dawn 2010-10-21 17:06
just one question (a little bit late ^^) when will the hvsc54 will be released? (if there is some rls date already)
iAN CooG 2010-09-18 01:13
Rough: I am not Ramos, and he never sent that info to me and no rip of the tune, else I wouldn't have asked about it on CSDb and rip it myself =)
Thanks anyway
janer/dawn 2010-09-17 14:59
thx to you guys :) now i hope you know the one in that ons cracktro too i asked for
Rough 2010-09-17 06:17
"thanks to Twoflower"???????

I sent that Info, almost Certain, to Ramos, at least half a year ago

iAN CooG 2010-09-17 00:11
ok, case solved thanks to Twoflower, it's by Alfatech and will be named CP-Short.sid
iAN CooG 2010-09-16 23:23
It wasn't ripped yet and no single Ambient crack, where it's always used, credit it to anyone. Will be added in HVSC#54 in /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/
janer/dawn 2010-09-16 17:39
sorry for doublepost (or "update") ..
anyone an idea who did this tune and how its called ?
thx in common :)
janer 2007-09-21 22:11
anyone knows who the tune did for this one?

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