1. When ripping the intro always try to set a breakpoint where the depacker/decruncher jumps to the startaddress of the intro. Some intros don't init their control bytes so scrolltexts etc won't start from the beginning if it has been run once, sometimes they don't init the music either.
  2. Find the transfer routine that gets executed when space has been pressed and exchange the jump to the game's depacker/decruncher to JMP $FCE2. Also check from where it transfers down the game and put that address as end of file to avoid saving too little or too much of the memory.
  3. Use a cruncher that doesn't mess up the screen, doesn't flash the border or does other "fancy effects" while decrunching. Or use Exomizer if you prefer to crunch the files on the PC.
  4. NEVER change anything in the intro! Some people like to add "ripped by xxx" or similar at the end of the scrolltext or other visible parts of the intro, if you do that your ripp won't be included! You will be credited for your work on the site.
  5. Screenshots will be taken by us.
  6. Send the intros as .prg files using our contact form or directly to intros@c64.org
  7. If you're unable to rip the intro, send us the whole game and we'll rip it for you.
  8. In writing moment we're not including unused intros or intros used infront of demos/magz/own made tools etc. But since that may change in the future we still accept them for eventual later inclusion.

The intros.c64.org staff