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just looking to relive some youth in my spare time...intros were and always will be cool
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember at the age of 12, staying up so late working on those damn intros for RAD. They were lame compared to stuff from FBR, and Abyss, but not bad for a kid... I would love to hear from any of the old guys... Mr. Mister, Side Sector, BlackHawk.. Peace, RJ
Markus 2002-07-01
Thanx 4 bring back the good old times.
[ PADUA iHQ ] 2002-06-26
Hiiiii Zyron... No updates for a while :((((((( Almost as long we keep people waiting for our demos... Pity.
This one is a K-i-l-l-e-r!!!
Zyron [ ] 2002-04-01
This is a notice from the webmaster. The site WILL be update again, with a new layout & many more intros....but it takes some time so please be patient. Thanx for all the nice reactions! /Zyron
Matt 2002-04-01
Any new updates in prospect? Neat site btw
Sylvain 2002-02-27
Your works rocks ! Update the site ! Greetings to every nostalgic people. 3/1/02 5:04:17 AM Almas FANTASTIC!
Well, kiddies, here´s the trip into the virtual mind. Join the ALPHA FLIGHT´s FLIGHT SOCIETY -NOW- Drop deep into the world of 8 bit and 16 colours - play KARATEKA or EXPLODING FIST online - just visit PLANET ALPHA and enter the game section - ALPHA FLIGHT - THIS FLIGHT WILL NEVER STOP ... GREETINGS TO TGM, RRR, PBA, IRATA, AEK, FCG, S8, TFG
mr.mister/trance 2002-01-25
you have not all
[ ] 2002-01-22
Hello Zyron! I was just browsing a bit your pages and discovered that on the Illusion page, the first two Illusion intros are of an old group which got nothing to do with the Norwegian/UK Illusion from later. greets.
Rambo 2001-12-18
Gee, I was looking for some old Section 8 stuff - and found out that you even have some of my stuff online :) Great to see that again. Must have been an awful work to rip all the intros. Greetz to SCW, Eagle Soft and the Real+Cool+Dutch USA team Rambo
i have had a passion for the c64 ever since day have a well layed out site.i wish yuo all the luck.
RRR [ The Flight Society ] 2001-11-02
Hello Zyron, this site rocks, except for the page that no updates have been made since ages. Regards, RRR
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