September update iAN CooG : 2023-09-01
Another small update before the summer ends:
20 new intros
3 new groups
July Update iAN CooG : 2023-07-23
25 more intros added
7 new groups
March Update iAN CooG : 2023-03-08
It took 4 months to gather enough intros to justify an update this time, oh well.
In this update there are 3 new groups and 30 new intros. Enjoy.
November update iAN CooG : 2022-11-12
20 new intros
4 new groups
September update iAN CooG : 2022-09-01
25 new intros, 1 of which replaces a wrong entry (dd-07)
5 new groups
End of May update iAN CooG : 2022-05-31
Another little update
23 new intros
6 new groups
Crash groups update iAN CooG : 2022-04-28
After finding a mess on CSDb about 5 groups all named Crash, with the help of Bugjam now a bit of order should be restored. Now for the naming of some we had to use the year where they were active. Hopefully it's ok.
March Update iAN CooG : 2022-03-07
Another small update
- 26 new intros
- 6 new groups
January Update iAN CooG : 2022-01-29
New year, same sh*t! =)
Anyway here are 30 more intros and 3 new groups. Enjoy!
December Update iAN CooG : 2021-12-05
Small update after a couple of months: 20 new intros, 4 new groups.
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