131 new intros online. 2001-05-14
Update with 131 new intros, 89 of them I ripped from games downloaded at Banana Republic, 15 from games Prof.X sent me.
Prof.X also ripped 19 of the really old intros, and Tom Roger Skauen aka SLC sent 8 missing intros to me.
Thanx alot for your help!
211 new intros online... 2001-04-27
Update with 211 new intros ripped from games I downloaded at Digital Dungeon and Banana Republic.
This updated was a big mess and I spent several days on it, it's possible that some errors slipped through so if you find any please let me know!
Broken links eliminated. 2001-04-21
I fixed broken download-links on 7 group-pages, the site should be working 100% now.
101 new intros online. 2001-04-20
I spent several hours to check all the intros Adolf/Censor sent to me. I repacked all intros I didn't have, fixed so they reset the computer when you press space, took the screenshots and fixed all html in about 12 hours.
101 new intros online, thanx of course to Adolf, check out his old introsite!
90 new intros online. 2001-04-19
Update with 90 new intros, thanx to Mad Max, X-Raffi, Quasar, Digital Dungeon and Gangsta's Paradize.
I also fixed a broken link on the WASP-page.
61 new intros online. 2001-03-29
Update with 61 new intros, thanx to Victor, CBA and especially to Core321 for all the FBR and Abyss-releases!
Check out his site with import-intros!
32 new intros online. 2001-03-22
Update with 32 new intros, thanx to Antichrist, Catharzyz, DeeKay, Han Solo, Markus, Morpheus and Thor for games and intros.
More ripping is as usual in progress...stay tuned.
Minor update. 2001-03-07
Minor update, adjusted the HTML slightly. No new intros this time, I have several MB's of games to go through so be patient :)
Update with 124 new intros! 2001-01-03
Update with 124 new intros, thanx to CBA for most of the games.
New layout & more intros! 2001-01-02
Major update with a new layout designed by C-URTIS and 220 new intros, many from the 90's.
Better palette. 2000-11-14
Fixed all the screenshots using a better palette from DeeKay.
Update! 2000-11-02
Update with 34 new intros, mainly from FCG, Radwar, TLC & MZP thanx to MWS/Radwar putting a lot of old cracks online.
Zyron's crackintro-site launched! 2000-11-01
Put the first version of the site online together with 302 intros.
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