Xmas update iAN CooG : 2023-12-16
Before Xmas we managed to provide a large update, consisting of
90 new intros
31 new groups

Have a nice holiday time!
November update iAN CooG : 2023-11-22
New update with 30 new intros and 5 new groups.
October Update #2 iAN CooG : 2023-10-24
Before the month ends, another small update, and a novelty: from this update we decided to allow adding also intros from Tools, not only from cracked games.
We thought it's about time to accept that many intros were left out without a valid motivation, so expect some cool "new" intros also from groups that never released a cracked game but only tools!

This update has
30 new intros
7 new groups

October Update iAN CooG : 2023-10-04
Small update, mainly due to split 2 different KGB groups: "Kriminal Goodsoftware Breaking" and "KGB Crew"
14 new intros
15 renamed
5 new groups added
September update #2 iAN CooG : 2023-09-26
25 more intros
2 new groups
September update iAN CooG : 2023-09-01
Another small update before the summer ends:
20 new intros
3 new groups
July Update iAN CooG : 2023-07-23
25 more intros added
7 new groups
March Update iAN CooG : 2023-03-08
It took 4 months to gather enough intros to justify an update this time, oh well.
In this update there are 3 new groups and 30 new intros. Enjoy.
November update iAN CooG : 2022-11-12
20 new intros
4 new groups
September update iAN CooG : 2022-09-01
25 new intros, 1 of which replaces a wrong entry (dd-07)
5 new groups
End of May update iAN CooG : 2022-05-31
Another little update
23 new intros
6 new groups
Crash groups update iAN CooG : 2022-04-28
After finding a mess on CSDb about 5 groups all named Crash, with the help of Bugjam now a bit of order should be restored. Now for the naming of some we had to use the year where they were active. Hopefully it's ok.
March Update iAN CooG : 2022-03-07
Another small update
- 26 new intros
- 6 new groups
January Update iAN CooG : 2022-01-29
New year, same sh*t! =)
Anyway here are 30 more intros and 3 new groups. Enjoy!
December Update iAN CooG : 2021-12-05
Small update after a couple of months: 20 new intros, 4 new groups.
September update iAN CooG : 2021-09-26
25 new intros added
4 new groups added
August update iAN CooG : 2021-08-12
30 more added intros
4 new groups
June Update iAN CooG : 2021-06-04
30 new intros
2 new groups
Another small update iAN CooG : 2021-04-10
1 fixed intro
14 new intros
6 new groups
New little manual update iAN CooG : 2021-03-07
This update was the first real test for the manual update process coded by Druid and it was a success =)
Added 5 groups, 22 intros and 1 fix.
Another update - 143 new intros added 2021-02-11
As our update queue has grown to over 100 intros - we've decided to update site in our 'classic' style - via update pack. So, we have added 143 new intros today. We also have disabled auto-updater. Also, we have updated downloadable intro packs.

10.000 intros on site and we are introducing some changes! 2019-01-10
Welcome again! Firstly - we have passed 10.000 intros mark (with this lucky random intro :) )! It's hard to believe that we managed to achieve such a number. We would like to thanks all our visitors and supporters that helped us to achieve this milestone! Still, more intros are coming :)

And some news this time instead of classical update pack announcement:
- we are changing our update schema from update packs released irregularly to new auto-updater mechanism which will add two new intros every day. We plan to release update zipped packs every 100 new intros added though,
- we have pretty URL's that point to individual intro or group,
- better sharing mechanism to share single intro or group on social media,
- bunch of small changes and fixes.
We hope that you will like those changes and stay tuned for more :)
24 new intros 2017-09-16
Welcome back with new quick update, this time 24 new intros. No new groups or fixes this time.

We plan to introduce some changes related to our site, stay tuned for more details.
26 new intros 2017-03-10
Welcome again, this time we have 26 new intros and some intro fixes.

Groups updated this time include Laxity, Hokuto Force, Genesis Project, Atlantis, Atlantis + F4CG, Alpha Flight 1970, Angels, Accept and Collision.

50 new intros and 4 new groups added 2016-10-27
Another update, this time 50 new intros and 4 new groups.

New groups added : Legend+Federation Against Copyright, SHC Crackware Essen, Byte Engineers, The+Fantasy, The Real Gamebusters.

102 new intros and 18 new groups added 2016-05-31
And again we are back with 102 new intros and 18 new groups.

Groups added this time: Tuerk's Cracker Incorporation [TCI], The Cyborg Power System+Strike Force, Crash '90, Danish Science, Fastest Australian Supply Team [FAST], Fear, Idiots+Soldiers, Just Us, Lap Dancers, The Magic Cracking Service, Software Dreams International Crew [SDI], Shit, Slave Cracking Group [SCG], The Audion Industries [TAI], Tankard (AT), The Guardian, Triad+Genesis Project, The Supply Team.

100 new intros and 45 new groups added 2016-03-17
We are back with 100 new intros and 45 new groups.

New groups: 3001 Crackings Unlimited, The Almighty Orion, The Arcade Team [TAT], Avenger, Black Code Design, C+L, Circle of Nine, Cracking Team of Darkness, Creatures of Darkness [COD], D.O.A., Danish Magic, Despots, E.C.A. Industries [ECA], Enecopia Computer Crashers, Eurasia, The Fantastic Duo [TFD], Fast Importing Service, The Fire Force [TFF], Hoodlums, Jukebox, The Killers, The Limit Crew, Magicans (DE), The Mediterranean Team [TMT], New Garfield Crew, Ninjasoft, Noble Order of Thieves [NOT], The Nuclear Chain [TNC], Orion USA, The Pawn, R.A.P., Rambo Crew International 1964 [RCI], Red Boys, Reflex (DE), The Rush Team [TRT], Scanners, Soft Aids Team+Soft Service Switzerland, Sukhebauhe Ink. [SBI], System, The Taipan, Terminal Intelligence Agency, Transit, Under One Flag, Verca+China Syndrome, Wotan.

See you soon in another update!
101 new intros and 4 new groups added 2015-12-23
We are finally back again with 101 new intros and 4 new groups.

New groups: Chain, SoNic Extraction Service [SNES], Star Cracks International [SCI] and Weird.

Updated groups include: Alpha Flight 1970 [AFL], Atlantis+Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Energy, Equinoxe, Hokuto Force, Hotline, Jam, Laxity, The Spiders [SPD], The Ancient Temple [TAT], Warriors of Darkness [WOD] and many more.

100 new intros and 26 new groups added 2015-09-23
We are back again with 100 new intros from 26 new groups.

New groups in this update: New groups: Acid (UK), Acid Crew, ACT 501, Asics, Browbeat+Motion, Brainstorm, The Crack Machines [TCM], Demo, Fame (US), Hoaxers, Markiz, Power Cracking Group [PCG], Plutonium, Psygon, Red-Baron, Saphire, Scorpios, Sierra, Spitfire 2000, Squadron, The Action Crew [TAC], The Fantastic Five [TFF], Tracer, United Crackers, Zeen 666, Zynapz.

Updated groups include: Updated groups include: Atom, Blackline, Browbeat, The Dominators [DOM], Dust, Genesis Project, Mayday! (DE), Onslaught, Raw Deal Incorporated [RDI], The Riffs, Solar, West Coast Crackers [WCC].

50 new intros and 15 new groups added 2015-06-21
Another update, this time with 50 new intros and 15 new groups. Also 1 intro was fixed.

New groups in this update: Chaos Industries, Cyclotron [CTN], Dexion+New Life+Zargon, Advanced Dynax SidRiders [ADSR], Empire Software, Euratom, FCG (DE), Kraekers, Organisation for Software Swapping [OFSS], Sense Designs, Sphinxs, Vector, The Web Incorporated, Wicked+Burp, Zzap.

Updated groups include Eagle Soft Inc, Falcon, Laxity, Men Soft, Noice, World Wide Expressive, Zargon.
50 new intros and 21 new groups added 2015-04-03
We are back with new update containing 50 new intros and 21 new groups. Also 75 replaced intros which needed better cleaning and crunching.

New groups added: 3lux, The Bionic Force [TBF], Buddha the Trainer God, Cannon, Comtec, Density, The Expert Group [TEG], Fart, Hamburger Software Group 2112, Inferno (NL), The Infiltrators (DK), Lightning, Maximum Cracker, Poison (1990), Promise [PRS], Promise+Zenobits, Raspacho, Sitzgruppe, Sunset, Tomorrow Soft Group [TSG], The Wild Boys Crackings [TWBC].
50 new intros 2015-01-16
Intros.c64.org was updated again. This time we have 50 new intros and 5 new groups. We have also added a long awaited option to download full / update intro packs. Enjoy and see you soon :)

New groups added: Assault (US), Dragon-Cracking Service [DCS], Foreshadow Cracking Team [FCT], Noway, Omega Cracking Team [OCT].
75 new intros and 35 new groups added 2014-08-06
We'are back with another update, this time a little bigger one - 75 new intros and 35 new groups added this time :)

New groups added: Two Live Crew [2LC], Above and Beyond [AAB], Acid House, Antisoft Incorporated, Assault (DE), Bad Batch, Crap Industries, Danish Piracy Society, Exult, Fantasia [FTS], First Cracking Girls Group, Flexible, Helix, Inzane, KDF, Lethal (US), Lindenstrasse, Megabyte, Energy [NRG], Omega Crackings, Obliterators of the Rebel City [ORC], Rasta, Reality, Sabian, Sanity, Sector 18, Sisters Of Mercy [SOM], Greatest Crackers, The [TGC], Secret Service, The (DE) [TSS], Secret Service, The (HU) [TSS], Ultimate Mayas, The [TUM], Unit 2 [U2], Unit 5 [U5], Unity (DE), Welsh Cracking Service [WCS].
intros.c64.org is back 2014-06-10
After a few months of silence caused by some server problems, intros.c64.org staff is back with new update contains 50 new intros and 19 new groups.

Big thanks to Slaygon for new server for our site :)

New groups added: Blackmail, Crackers for Fun and Profit [CFP], City Boys, Cosmix Federation [CMX], Dynastar, The Honey Crew [THC], New Style Incorporated, Nightmare Crew, Okey-Soft Breaking Company, Overdoc, Pet Shop Boys, Small Town Boys, The Law Breakers [TLB] (1995), Team Flexible, Terrax, The Future Zoics, V.C.T. 1999, Verca, Wacek Software

Updated groups include: Censor Design, Epic (USA), Future, Guards, No Fucking Lamers, Really Proud Lamers [RPL], Trans-X and many others.

More to come next month.
25 new intros and 16 groups added 2014-01-13
Welcome to another small update - this time we've added several new groups having only few intros released.

New groups include: 701 Crackings, Advanced Breaking Crew [ABC], Argus, FCB, Highdox, Lords Of Commorore [LOC], Mad Aussie Dealers [MAD], The MachineGun-Soft oHg & Co GmbH, Quartz, Rapax, The Universal Force [TUF], United Crackers Division, The Underline + Lucky Luke, Wallie and Rambo Cracking Group.
25 new intros added 2013-11-27
We are back again with another update - 25 new intros and no new groups this time.

Updated groups include Alpha Flight 1970, Avatar, The Force, Genesis Project, Hokuto Force, Laxity, Nostalgia, Onslaught, Raw Deal Incorporated and Trance.

25 new intros added 2013-10-30
And we're back again with another small update - this time 25 new intros and 8 new groups.

New groups: Bruce and Bongo, Data Team West Germany, Lynx, Mental Illness, Rage, The Real Cracking Association [RCA], Royal Cracking Animals [RCA], Slimie.

See you soon again :)
25 new intros added 2013-10-08
Another small update - this time 25 new intros and 13 new groups.

New groups added this time: Axe'88, Commodore Masters Group [CMG], Damned, KGB (HU), Lifeless Incorporated, The Radwar Enterprises+Federation, Skaters, Solar+Black Mail, The Future Generation [TFG], Terminal Cracking News [TCN], The K.G.B., The Lonely Pirats Incorporation [TLP], The Twilight Zone [TTZ]

See you soon again :)
50 new intros added 2013-09-24
And once again we are back with 50 new intros and few fixes.

New groups include: Stormtroopers Of Death, Zone 45, Guards Of Doom, The Guards, Rizing, The Softpirates, The Black Power, The New Army, The Smuggler Agency, The Wanderer Group+Static, Vulcan Software, Zappler Cracking Service.

See you soon again :)
25 new intros added 2013-07-23
We are back with another update - this time 25 new intros and few fixes.

New groups added with this update: Acid, Asylum, Banshee, Carcass (NL), Killer Rats Association [KRA], Red Mill, Silicon's Dreams and United States Software Pirates Exchange [USSPE].

See you soon!
50 new intros added 2013-06-11
Another update - this time we have added 50 more intros to the site and 5 new groups. We hope you will like this update as we do.

See you soon!
25 new intros added - 9000 intros on site :) 2013-05-14
And again - 25 new intros and 12 new groups added to the site. And we are happy to announce that we've achieved 9000 intros mark with this update. Thanks for your support, and be sure that more updates are incoming :)
Another small update - 25 intros 2013-03-02
We are back with another small update - this time 25 new intros and no new groups and fixes this time.

Enjoy and see you soon :)
50 new intros on site. 2012-10-10
We are back again with another small update - this time 50 new intros and 19 new groups. No fixes this time.

Airborne, Bebisoft, Bros+Blaze Factory, Couple, Echo, Flash (CH), Fusion (1989, fake rebuild), Hackersoft, Heavy, Hyper Scientific Power [HSP], Midnight Maniacs Incorporated [MMI], Nice, Pikselsoft, Porky's Crew Horst [PCH], Royal Copyright Intruders+Mass Corporation, Real Proud Lamers [RPL], Scottish Cracking Service [SCS], Sharp, Warriors of Time+ComTec.

Another update, 100 new intros added 2012-06-10
And we are back with another update - this time 100 new intros and 21 new groups along with some small fixes.

New groups in this update: Asphuxia, Cracking Force Germany [CFG], Commando Frontier+Free Access, Data Department [DD], Gotcha [GO], International Cracking Club, Jaycem Joy Division (1991), Mad Energy, Madness (NL), New Life [NL], System X [STX], Two Copy Pirates [TCP], Team 2003, The Electro Mix [TEM], The Outsiders [TO] (DE), The Outsiders 2005 [TOD] (DK), The Wanted, Wolverines [WVS], Zombie Boys, Zqvis.

Enjoy and see you soon :)
100 new intros added :) 2012-03-02
We are back with another site update. This time, we've added 100 new intros, new groups and some fixes.

New groups in this update: Ahead (DE), America's Hottest Importer, Aliens, The Apple Incorporation, Axis (BE), The Big Boys, The Bitbusters, Brand-X+Ahead, The Celestial Knights, Cruelty+Fucked Beyond Repair, E.T. Cracking Service, Eurosoft, The Gamebusters 1541, The Gamebusters 1992, High Tech Boys, Leaders, Looser, Mach 3, Mak-Soft, Ninja The Killer-maschine, OK-Koral, Oxigene, Paradroid, The Secret Service, Shock Xpress, Slan, TMB, The Awesome Guys, Time Zone, Trust, Venom (DE), Vibrators.
Another small update - 101 new intros 2011-12-29
Back with a small update of 101 intros.
48 New groups added, among them we have CSS, Dark Angels, Fristies, Victory Lucid [V-L] and a bunch of others with 1 intro each.
Updated groups include Ahead, D.S. Compware [DSC], Hurricane, Kriminal Goodsoftware Breaking [KGB], Nostalgia [NO], Oxygen, Sunrise, Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT], Weird Science 2662 [WS].
200 new intros, still more to come... 2011-10-18
This update consists of 200 new intros and 3 fixed ones, not counting a bunch of fixed group entries. There are a total of 127 new groups, but mostly with only 1-2 intros each, as there is not much left to rip anyway from famous groups =)
New groups include: Cyborg Power System+GCG Crew, Crackware Crew, Crime (2 different german groups), Defence, Danish Game Smashers [DGS], Gang Against Protection [GAP], Special Weapons and Tactics+Lazer, Stage, The Dark Lords [TDL], The German Web [WEB]...
Updated groups include: Drive, Electronic Cracking Association [ECA], GSG 9, Teesside Cracking Service [TCS], The Deadly Friends [TDF], The Last Generation 1945 [TLG], The Technocrats [TT], West Coast Crackers [WCC], Why? and so on...
400 new intros, still some more to come... 2011-05-30
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! The long queue of intros, which seemed infinite just 4 years ago, is almost empty now. We jumped from "only" 3000 intros in year 2007, to 8400 intros online with this update! Still many are missing, we think, and we're still investigating.

New groups include:
Agenda64, Big Ones, Demand, Digital Exorcism [DLE], Fantastic Cracking Company 2010 [FCC], Full Force, Idiots, Magic Circle Projects, Mad Hatter, Rayden, Reseau des Crackers Associes Parisiens [RCAP], Replay (CH), Replay (HU), Shadow [SHD], The Cracker Devils [TCD], Thieve's Guild, The Vasa Crew [TVC], Willow, World Search Incorporated [WSI], Xtra...
Updated groups, among the others, are:
Browbeat, Cheyens, Conic, Cross, Contex [CTX], Doughnut Cracking Service [DCS], Danish Dream Line [DDL], Death (CZ), Druids [TDS], Double Sided Delinquencies [DSD], Energy, Entropy, Exile (HU), Exodus, The Force, Hotline [HTL], Intense, Lazer, Mirage, Nato, Operation Underground [OUG], Pirates of Denver [POD], Powerrun, Raiders of the Lost Empire [ROLE], Ruthless, Science 451 [S451], Strickly Business Incorporated [SBI], Sodom, Starion, Transcom [TCOM], The Joker Crew [TJC], The New Fashion [TNF], The Warriors 1881 [TWR], The Zero Boys [TZB]...
501 new intros, again. 2011-03-16
If you think there are never enough intros, you're right, the list seems infinite so here's 501 more for you. The queue is not even near the end so expect more next times.

Updated groups include:
Alpha Flight 1970 [AFL], The Austrian Union [TAU], Avatar, Axenon, Binary Code Smashers [BCS], Blaze Factory, Blazon, Cadgers, Chaos, Civitas, Cleveland Cracking Service [CCS], Decibel [DBL], Deicide, Exact, Exile (HU), Fun Factory, The Gang, German Spreading Service [GSS], The Last Heroes [TLH], Light, Mechanix 2124, New Edition [NE], The New Fashion [TNF], Offence, Oneway, Onslaught, Opale, Oregon, Poltergeist [PGT], Proxyon, Raiders of the Lost Empire [ROLE], Ronsoft, Swiss Cracking Association [SCA], Transcom [TCOM], Trash, Tristar, Vanity, Vicious Games Group [VGG], Wolfen, X-Ray

New groups are too many, most notably:
Ace Artist Next in Cracking Crime [ANIC], Baboons [BBS], Blackline [BLL], Dream, The Fantastic Crew [TFC], Giants, Megatron, Miroslav Soft Club, Neophytes, The Nutcrackers [TNC], Ophis, Paradize, Quintex, Radius [RAD], S-Xpress, Stash, Tendance [TDC], Twins, The Untouchables [TU], We Got Originals [WGO], The Wild boys [TWB].
501 tasty new intros to satisfy your infinite appetite 2010-12-12
Again a huge chunk of cake made with 501 tasty new intros to satisfy your infinite appetite.
Updated groups among others are: Abstract, Acrise, Alpha Flight 1970 [AFL], Abnormal, Bassline, Civitas, Crypt, Curve, Danecrew, Discovery Cracking Association [DCA], Depredators [DDT], Death (CZ), Entropy, Extacy, Florasoft, Gamma Cracking Force [GCF], Genesis Project [GP], Gulas, Inferno, Lepsi, Lions, Motiv 8 [M8], Mayhem (UK), New Dimension Crew [NDC], Paramount, Plutonium Crackers [PC], Sound and Vision [SAV], Silicon [SCN], Scum, Shine, Skylight Designs, Slash Design, The Spiders [SPD], Softrunner Group [SR], Ancient Temple, The [TAT], The Fall Guys [TFG], Time, Lightforce, The [TLF], Last Science, The [TLS], Softkiller Crew, The [TSK], Second Ring, The [TSR], United Artists, Varcaus, Varsity....
115 new groups including: Alcoholica, Actual Trading Generation, Bad Boy, BOB, Craftmen Company [CMC], Creatures, The Darkness [TDS], Delirious Connection Unlimited [DCU], Duel, Easy, Energy, More Stupid Initials [MSI], NiWa Soft, Obituary, PeterBonds, PierSoft, Pirates Of Denver [POD], Rapax+New Dimension Crew, Scream, Silence, Soldiers, The Firecrackers [TFC], The Great Spynetwork [TGS]...
Also check out Legend (NZ), Fresh (DE) which have been separated from the omonym groups. Thanks to those who spotted errors and reported them to us.
Another major update : 504 new intros, 100 new groups 2010-09-07
Again a large update: 504 intros added, 100 new groups and some corrections here and there.

Updated groups include: Alpha Flight 1970, Agile, A-Team Crackings, Atheist, Browbeat, Bronx, Chromance, Collision, Cosmos, Compagnions, Crypt, Destiny (EU), Digital Designs, Da Laxatives, Dynamix, Federation Against Copyright [FAC], Freestyle, Genlog, International Cracking Group [ICG], Inceria, Kriminal Goodsoftware Breaking [KGB], Maniax, Mayhem (UK), Noise, Overseas, Paragon, The Phoenix Foundation [TPF], Poison, Rampar, Rush, Star Frontiers, The Softteam, Sharks, Shazam, Spirit, The Stars, Stormfront, Sunrise, Tankard, The Ancient Temple [TAT], Trance [TCE], Trans-X, The Ruling Company [TRC], Triad, Tropic, The Seventh Sector+Dualis, Union, Varsity, Wanderer, X-Ray+Transcom, Yankees.

New groups include: Actual+Lazer, Antia, Bonanza Crew, Cherubs, Exotic Designs, Fun Factory, Hurricane, Inferno, Intruders, Massive, Megadeath [MGD], Migges, On Risky Ice, RatPak, SpeedCracker, The Spiders, The Squadron, Tankard+World Funeral Productions, Twilight Zone (UK) [TZ], World Funeral Productions, X-Large, Zagreb Cracking Service... and many many more!
700 new intros to keep you cool :) 2010-06-06
Another Summer, another fresh update, this time 700 intros to keep you cool.
Some of the updated groups include:
Alpha Flight 1970, Anubis, Beastie Boys, Bronx, Babygang, Chromance, Censor Design, Danish Gold, The Dream Team, Epic, Epic+Device, Fantasy Cracking Service [FCS], H.S. Cracking Group 2002 [HSCG], Illusion, Lithium+Rave, Mayhem (UK), Mechanix, New Edition, Paramount, Powerrun, Pride, Rebels, Raw Deal Incorporated, Sharks, Slash Design, Traitors, The Ruling Company, Triad, United Artists, U-Turn, We Against Software Protection [WASP], Warriors of the Wasteland [WOW], X-Rated, Yankees... and a truckload of many others.

New groups:
4712, Aldi, Alive, Archaos, Arcoss, Ascraeus [ASC], Bodycount, Cheyens, Conflict, Crypt+Wanderer, Cyborg Power System [CPS], Da Laxatives [DLX], Death (CZ), Deicide, Digitech+The Warriors, Entropy, Exile (HU), Funtex, Hexagon, Ikon Visual [IKV], Jaguar, King Fisher [KF], Lore Of Arts [LOA], Mantronix, Mystic+The Digital Underground, Number One, Oase+Inner City, Overkill [OKL], Powerage, Powers Of Pain [POP], Qwerty, Tankard, The Paranormal Federation, The Zero Boys, Trojan, Twilight Zone (DE) [TWZ], Ultimax, Verdict, Victory, Wanderer, Zorro Soft Switzerland [ZSS]... ?LIST TOO LONG ERROR

Also check the fixes, some groups were renamed.
Huge update - 500 new intros online 2010-02-11
This time we present you a huge update of 500 intros to clear this neverending queue of new cool intros for your watching pleasure. Expect more in the upcoming months. We also have recoded adding comment a little - as requested by our fellow visitors.

Updated groups: Accuse, Acrise, Acrise+Excess, Action, Active, Alcoholics, Airwolf Team, Bingo Team, Babygang, Bytestar, Chaos, Chrome, Collision, Clique, Commo Bam, Crash, Crusade (CH), Crusade (NL), Contex, Deadline, Devils+Druids, Danish Gold, Danish Gold+Reflex Cracking Squad, Druids, Dunex, Dynamix, Excalibur, Excess, Excess UK [XS], Extacy, Faces, Fantasy, Fatum, Fire Eagle+Genesis Project, Gothic, Genesis Project, Genetix, Gulas, Headbanger, Hitmen, Holocaust, Hysteric, Inxs, Laser Incorporated [LSD], Laxity, Mayhem (UK), Nirvana, Orion, Pentacle, Phoenix, Powerrun, Rebels, Rage for Order, Raiders of the Lost Empire, Royalty, Sacred, Secure, Shazam, The Walker Group, The Ancient Temple, Blasters Inc, Titan, Tempest, Tristar+Red Sector Inc+Dytec, Tristar, Troep, The Wanderer Group, Ultimate, West End Boys...
New groups include: Abyss (DE), Afros, China Syndrome, Collision+Electric Boyz, Compagnions, Curve, Duplex, Garbage+Troep, Inceria, Jam, Oxygen, Poison, Pyrotech, Ruhrpott Knacka, Section 8 (Rebuilt), Sire, Slothsoft, Tintin, The Wise Guys.
300 new intros as a X-mas gift :) 2009-12-17
Welcome to another content update of intros.c64.org. This time we have added 308 new intros and 17 new groups. As always we also have fixed and removed some intros. We hope that you will like this X-mas update.

Updated groups this time: Active Cracking Crew, Abnormal, Atlantic, Atlantis, Atrix, Beastie Boys, Chromance, Class, Cult, Depredators, Delta Force, Digital Designs, Dominators, Dualis, Dunex, Epic, Extacy, Extasy, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Fantasy, FBI Crew, Fresh, Holocaust, Hotline, Hysteric, Image, Laxity, Nato, Pulsar, Rebels, Red Sector Incorporated, Sphinx, Level 99 Industries, Trance, The Ruling Company, Triumwyrat, U-Turn, Unicess, Victims, Zenobits.

New groups include: Aron Cracker Crew, Chrome, Equinoxe, Impact (US), Phuckin Stoned Importers, Rebels (SE), Silicon Limited, Stella, and more!
5000 intros anniversary 2009-09-17
intros.c64.org would like to present you our anniversary update - 300 more new intros to reach a new milestone : 5000 intros on site. In addition, while working on new outfit, we have added a long awaited functionality to the site - user profiles.

First you have to register providing correct e-mail address (it is hidden by default). After account activation, you can login and edit your profile (avatar, group, more information and so on). The 'newsletter' option is profile based - old newsletter signup was removed. Please report us of any bugs or problems encountered. Also our RSS feed generator code was improved so feel free to use it for keeping up to date with our news.

Updated groups include: A-Team, Army, Atrix, Chromance, Cleveland Cracking Service, Cyberpunx, Danish Dream Line, D.S. Compware, Dynamix, Excess, Extacy, Faces, Hardcore, Hardcore+Onslaught, Hysteric+Insiders, Hitmen, Ikari, Ikari+Talent, Krabat Crew, Laxity, Motiv 8, Mayhem (UK), Mirage, New Dimension Crew, Noname, Orion, Paradox, Seven-Up, Trauma, The Rough Boys, Triumwyrat, The Shadows, Unicess, Varsity, Warriors of Time, X-Rated, X-Ray...

Many New groups, most notabily: Army+A-Team, Question Mark, Radical, Silicon [SCN], The Suppliers, Tera, and a bunch of others with less than 3 intros each, hoping to find more from them.

Also don't forget to check the fixed ones found during our random checks :-)
Hot 300 new intros online 2009-07-28
The summer heat is not enough for you? Then taste some hot intros, 300 intros for your viewing pleasure has been added and be prepared for more next time.

Updated Groups
A-Team, Accuracy, Alpha Flight 1970, Amnesia, Atrix, Beastie Boys, Charged, Chromance, Cocoon, Cosa Nostra, Cross, Derbyshire Ram, Dominators, Doughnut Cracking Service, Epic (US), Fairlight, Falcon, Fucked Beyond Repair, Lazer, Legacy, New Edition, Online, Onslaught, Radwar Enterprises, Rough Trade Incorporated, Seven Eleven, Sharks, Success, Talent+International Network of Chaos, Teesside Cracking Service, The Shaolin Monastery, Triad, Tristar+Red Sector Incorporated, United Artists, United Software Army, Vagabonds, Varsity, Varsity+Acrise, Vision, World Wide Expressive, Xpert Protection Busters.

New groups:
Aristocracy, Bronx (Lybia), Cosa Nostra, Dixie, Fairlight+NATO, H.S. Cracking Group 2002, Middlesbrough Cracking Service, Outsiders, Ronsoft, Soldiers of Creasing Sun, United Software Association and finally The Walker Group!
200 new intros added to the site 2009-07-09
The queue is full and we need to discharge 200 more intros. Hope you don't mind for so many updates!
Many classic groups updated and 15 new groups added, this time we offer you intros from:
A Touch of Class, Accuracy, All Stars, Alpha Flight, Amnesia, Arcade, Bronx, Cocoon, Commando Frontier, Cross, Crossline, Elite, Exact, Extreme, FBI Crew, Flash Cracking Group, Flash Incorporated, Fresh, House Designs, Italian Cracking Service, Laser Incorporated, Madonna Cracking Group, Nostalgia, Rage for Order, Slaughter, Success, Success+X-Ray, TempesT, The Force, Vagabonds... and lots more.
Check also many fixed entries, including the separation of 3 "Impact", 2 "Crusade" and 2 "Occult" groups.
Check out 200 new intros 2009-05-23
We're back to offer again a monthly dose of 200 fresh intros.
This time new and updated groups include: Accuracy, Accuse, Array, Best Cracking Team, Bronx, CrossLine, DWI, Legacy, Lithium, Navy Seals, Newlook, North East Crackers, Offence, Oneway, Paradox, Paragon, Proxyon, Pulsar, Remember, Scorn Technologic, Seven Eleven, Success+Ruling Company, Titron, Ultimate, Unicess, Unique, Vagabonds, Vision, Wizax 2004, X-Rated, Xentrix... and many, many more!
Also check out fixed group entries for: Mystic (AU), TPI (DE), Overseas.
Another update - 4000 intros online 2009-04-18
We hit back again with another milestone - after adding 154 new intros we've reached the 4000 intros counter. Enjoy this update, and stay tuned for upcoming ones :)
203 new intros added to site 2009-03-04
And again we are proud to present another site update with 203 new intros and some fixes. This time a lot of major groups were updated and we hope you will like it.

New site outfit is coming up, and it looks great thanks to Digger's art abilities. Stay tuned.
Another huge update 2009-01-27
We are back with another update - this time 200 intros, mostly from Alpha Flight 1970, Dominators, Excess, Mayhem (UK), The Sharks, Vagabonds, Vision and X-Rated.

We've decided to make such a huge update due to fact that we still have a lot of intros waiting in queue. Prepare for 200 intros monthly from now on until we change site outfit and update schema.

Also we have added small 'Fixed' box on the sidebar to distinguish intros that were fixed in the current update. Hope you will like it.
160 new intros 2008-11-04
And we are back again with an unusual update this time - 160 new intros and 18 new groups. As you probably noticed - our site was down for a while due to some hardware problem on c64.org (thanks for your supportive e-mails). Due to this problem we've decided to add 50 more intros as a bonus for your waiting, and the remaining 10 are result of intro fixes we made.

As mentioned above - we have implemented a lot of intro fixes with this update. As a result - 10 intros were removed (doubles), some were fixed with new versions and Laser and LCS groups were linked together. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

And finally we would like to thanks Slaygon for his help and bringing our site to life on the new server.

Another monthly update 2008-08-12
As promised, we are back with another update - 100 new intros. Due to summer time only a few major groups were updated, but we hope you will like this update as it contains a lot of nice gems. See you in September.
100 new intros again 2008-07-13
After a long break we are finally back with 100 new fresh intros and 15 new groups. We might call this update a 'Brutal one' as it contains 31 intros from Brutal. We have also made some fixes proposed by our visitors (in CCS, Excess, Epic, Vision and some others).

Druid has introduced some team organizational changes and tools to simplify our work. Our hard-working rippers CenTraX and iAN CooG have prepared a lot of new stuff for this and future updates. Having Zyron checking submitted intros and helping us with his scene knowledge and Slaygon helping us with all hosting needs we do have quite a solid team and from now on we will try to make a new update every single month.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted intros for use on our site. CenTraX and iAN CooG have sorted out almost all of them, your support was huge. As written before - all those intros will be included on our site. Please send any new intros you will find or any comments using our contact form. However we do ask you not to send intros that are already on our site.

100 new intros... 2008-02-08
We decided to release one more intro pack, as we have some delays with new layout. And we've got many request regarding an update so here it is : another 100 intros for your pleasure. This time The Force and Legacy are main groups that were updated, but of course there are a lot more. And we would like to welcome new member in our team - iAN CooG who will help CenTraX with ripping and updates.

We are also constantly being asked about intros sent by you. Don't worry - all of them will be included on our site. If you will send intro prepared according to our RippingFAQ - it will be included faster. It takes some time to fix decrunch effects, space $fce2 jumps and so on. We plan to introduce new update schema after layout change - more flexible and faster. So, keep sending more intros and be sure that we wil use them.
Another site update... 2007-11-04
Welcome back to another small update. This time we offer you 49 new, fresh intros, and we are saving the one to get into the magical 3000. Yes, we are delayed again, but for a long time there are only two persons really involved in this site: Centrax and Druid (with help of some site supporters like CBA for this update - thanks to you all). Zyron and Comankh are busy with their real life matters. Anyway, we
are trying our best not to let this site die and will add some new features - we hope that the next (3000) update will show some of them.
Another major site update 2007-05-28
After some time of inactivity we are back with another major update - this time 150 new intros and 36 new groups. Enjoy our new content and see you soon.
Quick update 2007-02-11
We are back with quick update today - 50 hot new intros. We hope that another update will be bigger and we are closing fast to magic 3000 intros. Enjoy!
Another site update... 2006-11-07
intros.c64.org strikes back with another major update - 100 new intros for yours pleasure. This update contains intros from various groups, requested intros from Myth and Scorn and fixed Mayhem group. Next update will probably introduce new site improvements so stay tuned :)
Site updated again... 2006-09-28
We are back with big update today - 100 new intros for Your pleasure prepared by our ripping machine - CenTraX. Again, a lot of intros are from WoW but other groups were updated too. Crazy 01 intro was fixed. Enjoy and see You in October.
WOW Another update... 2006-08-23
As promised - we are back with another update. This time we have 51 new intros, and this time Warriors of Wasteland [WOW] is the most updated group. We have fixed problem with double The Riffs intro and added requested NFI intro. See You in September.
Another update... 2006-07-20
After over 9 months we are back with another big update contains 100 new intros and 13 new groups. Some of the groups with 4 or more entries are AlphaFlight 1970, Chromance and Hitmen. With CenTraX as new site co-maintainer we plan to make update with 50 new intros every month. Also technical site improvements are on the horizon.

October update in an Italian style. 2005-10-07
We're back with another update of 100 intros, this time with the focus set on groups from Italy.
Some of the major updated groups are F4CG (26), X-Ray (18), Italian Cracking Service (10), Dynamic Technology (7) & X-Ray+Transcom (6).
Also 8 new groups were added: Alpha Flight+Hitmen, Best Cracking Team, Best Cracking Team+Chaos, Drive+Octagon, Double Sided Delinquencies, Electra, Gax777 & Wildsection.

We've also fixed an error on the Armageddon page.

Big thanks to Ian Coog/Hokuto Force for supplying most of the intros for this update!
Site updated again. 2005-08-01
About a week after the latest update we've put another 100 intros online.
We've also added 55 new groups this time.
Some of the groups with 4 or more entries are Acrise+Excess, Angels, Extacy and Hokuto Force.

Site update... 2005-07-26
Another 100 intros were put online tonight, all from groups already in our database. Some of the groups with 4 or more intros added this time are Acrise, Alpha Flight, Atlantis, Enigma, Excess and Success.
We will soon make another update!
Small update. 2005-07-23
Replaced the intros Radwar 01 & Success+The Ruling Company 04 with versions fixed by CenTraX.
Expect another 100 intros the coming days.
Updated again... 2005-05-14
Another 100 intros were added to the site today, enjoy this update!
A new, nice update! 2005-01-25
With the 100 new intros added to the site today we now have 2000 intros online! Many intros from Avantgarde, Hotline and Unicess were added this time as well as 3 new groups: The Dream Team, Brutal and Quartet.

Druid has done some upgrading of the site code so now there's a search function and the possibility to get our news via RSS feed instead of the newsletter.

And finally we've sorted out the mess on the Illusion page, giving the 3 different groups their own pages.
Site updated again. 2004-10-20
Today we added 50 intros and 19 groups to the site.
More intros online. 2004-07-22
Today we have added 76 intros and 20 groups to the site.

We've also removed Remember-intro #5 since it was the same as #1,
and moved Talent-intro #4 to the Talent+International Network of Chaos page.

The site now contains 1850 intros, enjoy!
Another update! 2004-05-06
We have added 15 new groups and 50 new intros to the site and also done a couple of improvements to make it more userfriendly.

The "Latest update"-box now has direct links to all the latest intros.

We have added a "Recently commented"-box so you easily can read & comment on the latest comments.

The "Top downloads", "Most commented" & "Recently commented"-boxes can now be expanded to show a top 50.

If you want to be notified about our future updates you can subscribe to our newsletter - your email-address will not be used for other purposes or given to third parties.
Site updated! 2004-03-24
Today we added 68 new groups and 165 new intros, enjoy!
intros.c64.org up and running again! 2004-03-07
After a couple of months downtime, and more than two years without any updates, we are finally back online again!
The site has been totally recoded/redesigned and updated with 257 intros during the downtime.
More will follow in the near future.
131 new intros online. 2001-05-14
Update with 131 new intros, 89 of them I ripped from games downloaded at Banana Republic, 15 from games Prof.X sent me.
Prof.X also ripped 19 of the really old intros, and Tom Roger Skauen aka SLC sent 8 missing intros to me.
Thanx alot for your help!
211 new intros online... 2001-04-27
Update with 211 new intros ripped from games I downloaded at Digital Dungeon and Banana Republic.
This updated was a big mess and I spent several days on it, it's possible that some errors slipped through so if you find any please let me know!
Broken links eliminated. 2001-04-21
I fixed broken download-links on 7 group-pages, the site should be working 100% now.
101 new intros online. 2001-04-20
I spent several hours to check all the intros Adolf/Censor sent to me. I repacked all intros I didn't have, fixed so they reset the computer when you press space, took the screenshots and fixed all html in about 12 hours.
101 new intros online, thanx of course to Adolf, check out his old introsite!
90 new intros online. 2001-04-19
Update with 90 new intros, thanx to Mad Max, X-Raffi, Quasar, Digital Dungeon and Gangsta's Paradize.
I also fixed a broken link on the WASP-page.
61 new intros online. 2001-03-29
Update with 61 new intros, thanx to Victor, CBA and especially to Core321 for all the FBR and Abyss-releases!
Check out his site with import-intros!
32 new intros online. 2001-03-22
Update with 32 new intros, thanx to Antichrist, Catharzyz, DeeKay, Han Solo, Markus, Morpheus and Thor for games and intros.
More ripping is as usual in progress...stay tuned.
Minor update. 2001-03-07
Minor update, adjusted the HTML slightly. No new intros this time, I have several MB's of games to go through so be patient :)
Update with 124 new intros! 2001-01-03
Update with 124 new intros, thanx to CBA for most of the games.
New layout & more intros! 2001-01-02
Major update with a new layout designed by C-URTIS and 220 new intros, many from the 90's.
Better palette. 2000-11-14
Fixed all the screenshots using a better palette from DeeKay.
Update! 2000-11-02
Update with 34 new intros, mainly from FCG, Radwar, TLC & MZP thanx to MWS/Radwar putting a lot of old cracks online.
Zyron's crackintro-site launched! 2000-11-01
Put the first version of the site online together with 302 intros.
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