2nd May update iAN CooG : 2024-05-19
Here is another batch consisting of
50 new intros
2 intros renamed and moved to the correct group (Elite DK)
20 new groups
May update iAN CooG : 2024-05-01
50 New Intros
11 New Groups
1 fix
Early April Update iAN CooG : 2024-04-07
Another update:
50 new intros
13 new groups
More to come!
March Update iAN CooG : 2024-03-22
Another little update before the month ends:
50 intros
8 new groups
February Update iAN CooG : 2024-02-20
50 more intros added
5 new groups
Second january update iAN CooG : 2024-01-27
Another update before the month ends. This time we add
50 new intros
15 new groups
January update iAN CooG : 2024-01-06
New year, new updates. We have added
50 new intros
13 new groups
Xmas update iAN CooG : 2023-12-16
Before Xmas we managed to provide a large update, consisting of
90 new intros
31 new groups

Have a nice holiday time!
November update iAN CooG : 2023-11-22
New update with 30 new intros and 5 new groups.
October Update #2 iAN CooG : 2023-10-24
Before the month ends, another small update, and a novelty: from this update we decided to allow adding also intros from Tools, not only from cracked games.
We thought it's about time to accept that many intros were left out without a valid motivation, so expect some cool "new" intros also from groups that never released a cracked game but only tools!

This update has
30 new intros
7 new groups

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