December Update iAN CooG : 2021-12-05
Small update after a couple of months: 20 new intros, 4 new groups.
September update iAN CooG : 2021-09-26
25 new intros added
4 new groups added
August update iAN CooG : 2021-08-12
30 more added intros
4 new groups
June Update iAN CooG : 2021-06-04
30 new intros
2 new groups
Another small update iAN CooG : 2021-04-10
1 fixed intro
14 new intros
6 new groups
New little manual update iAN CooG : 2021-03-07
This update was the first real test for the manual update process coded by Druid and it was a success =)
Added 5 groups, 22 intros and 1 fix.
Another update - 143 new intros added 2021-02-11
As our update queue has grown to over 100 intros - we've decided to update site in our 'classic' style - via update pack. So, we have added 143 new intros today. We also have disabled auto-updater. Also, we have updated downloadable intro packs.

10.000 intros on site and we are introducing some changes! 2019-01-10
Welcome again! Firstly - we have passed 10.000 intros mark (with this lucky random intro :) )! It's hard to believe that we managed to achieve such a number. We would like to thanks all our visitors and supporters that helped us to achieve this milestone! Still, more intros are coming :)

And some news this time instead of classical update pack announcement:
- we are changing our update schema from update packs released irregularly to new auto-updater mechanism which will add two new intros every day. We plan to release update zipped packs every 100 new intros added though,
- we have pretty URL's that point to individual intro or group,
- better sharing mechanism to share single intro or group on social media,
- bunch of small changes and fixes.
We hope that you will like those changes and stay tuned for more :)
24 new intros 2017-09-16
Welcome back with new quick update, this time 24 new intros. No new groups or fixes this time.

We plan to introduce some changes related to our site, stay tuned for more details.
26 new intros 2017-03-10
Welcome again, this time we have 26 new intros and some intro fixes.

Groups updated this time include Laxity, Hokuto Force, Genesis Project, Atlantis, Atlantis + F4CG, Alpha Flight 1970, Angels, Accept and Collision.

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