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zOr-e/hardcOre 2003-04-06
Hy Zyron... I really like the idea of the site, and if I should somewhen happen to find the time, i will send you some of the missing harcore and elysium intros... c.u. zOre
Wow! Awesome site! We had so much fun during the goold old 64 days that it seems like it was not so long ago but already around 10 years have passed by and i wish the gaming scene would have never become like it has so we could still be doing this! ;) good thing that we can now use emulators to revive those memories! if anyone from the old school (our old friends and contacts) wants to get in contact with me it will be a pleasure! even those from the old days before empire was born! i bought a 64 in 1982 and have been a fanatic ever since then! keep up the good work with this site! greets to every c64 lovers!
[ ] 2003-01-13
Got into a Commodore 64 in 1984... When my Mom who was still living at that time bought it for me..... Ever since then I think Commodore is AWESOME and still does as the CCS64 emulator even on a PC.... Well thanks for the cool site... Your pal. Del The VORTEX-MAN!
how do i play the intros (.prg)?
Nice to see someone is keeping a place to see c-64 related stuff. Looking thru the long list I noticed there was no listing for URANUS (hope I spelled that right) Anywho maby they where just a flyby crew, I only saw 1 or two years ago. Maby they never had an intro just remember seeing their logo inside code. Thanks Knight
nice job search more intros
just looking to relive some youth in my spare time...intros were and always will be cool
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember at the age of 12, staying up so late working on those damn intros for RAD. They were lame compared to stuff from FBR, and Abyss, but not bad for a kid... I would love to hear from any of the old guys... Mr. Mister, Side Sector, BlackHawk.. Peace, RJ
Markus 2002-07-01
Thanx 4 bring back the good old times.
[ PADUA iHQ ] 2002-06-26
Hiiiii Zyron... No updates for a while :((((((( Almost as long we keep people waiting for our demos... Pity.
This one is a K-i-l-l-e-r!!!
Zyron [ ] 2002-04-01
This is a notice from the webmaster. The site WILL be update again, with a new layout & many more intros....but it takes some time so please be patient. Thanx for all the nice reactions! /Zyron
Matt 2002-04-01
Any new updates in prospect? Neat site btw
Sylvain 2002-02-27
Your works rocks ! Update the site ! Greetings to every nostalgic people. 3/1/02 5:04:17 AM Almas FANTASTIC!
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