comankh [ ] 2010-09-24
massive update, 7k!
CenTraX./.Agony Design (inactive) [ railfan :) ] 2010-05-27
Good job guys :)
Love to see the ole C64 groups once again!! Greets to all from DYS of Optical!
[ ] 2009-07-29
I still miss those View and Secure intros I donated ages and ages ago.
Keep my name Secret 2009-07-25
PlusOne: try Facebook, a lot of X-R Members there.. for example. Pigeon, Neon, Ano and a few more..
Chris 2009-07-18
where is the new graphic?
[ Lost & Found ! ] 2009-07-09
Hey Guys, what about an projekt "LOST & FOUND" - i think many ppl would like the idea. Cause so many friendships are gone ... Best regards, PlusOne / ex mike - xrated.
X-Raffi 2009-06-12
Mike, u got an Mail .... Keep that nice Site up, loving it.
[ No C64 Stuff .. my old project ! ] 2009-06-08
Dear my Friends, first a realy big compliment about this site, it's a pleasure to see my old GFX at the x-rated Intros. 20 years after this i am searching for my old crew ! Be free to conctact me any time ! ... we need to exchange. Best regards, Mike / x-rated designs ! .) or actually known as PlusOne / ErazorBots - ErazorHosts ! :)
welcome to 2009! it's been 8 years since the last entry. Damn I miss those old days and all the various groups. If you want to reconnect post an email here, I'll drop a note. Greets to: The_Cobb, Shadow Rhyder, TGI, Trans/Net, VISA, PE, TOPS, TAPPS and anyone who remembers Sublime Persuasion in 416/Toronto, Hell BBS in michigan or the Slave Den (florida).
[ Cool Stuff ] 2009-02-07
yeah, would be cool if you would release it as a all in one archive
[ My favourite chiptunes, more than 200 files. ] 2008-09-26
At last I found some music I remember from intros from my sold a long ago original C64. Thanks. And a question - why there's no possibility to download all intros in one zip file (as for example the HVSC)?
[ TWG inofficial site. ;) ] 2008-07-29
Great site. Go on with that work.
conrad 2008-06-16
Very nice collection of intro here! I've also sent my own pack to you ;-) Keep it up, fellas!
[ Non-C64 ] 2007-11-24
You're doing great job preserving old intros.
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