rObin/tristar (ex-shining8) 2004-12-28
kewl site! memories....
matt'/tera [ Homepage ] 2004-10-21
This is fantastic: I just spent some time wandering through memorable intros, and thje "most commented" are definitely those I remember well (for many of us, the Dynamic Duo intros must have been some of the first we saw!). Please continue with this site, and you'll have captured a great collection of one of the important artifacts from the demo scene. This is like a museum!
Capitaine [ IRC/web chat ] 2004-08-29
There is something missing : one or several large(s) zip archive(s) to download the whole collection. Like here ====>>>
Zensonic of X-Factor 2004-08-22
Thanks for your nice site. I have spent a couple of hours seeing lot of intros from back then, my own included. May your souls live on forever for the coolness and hardwork you have put into this database. If you one day need someone to take over forsome reason, do not hesitate to contact me :-)
ilg 2004-08-03
unbelievable.. also from hysteric you got intros.. i´m amazed! greetings -ilg-
Hey, I got work to do: the Secure intros I made are still missing! :-)
Wow, exellent site! Thank god I was introduced to it by an old buddie. Anyways I am from the 80's when WaReZs was cool! Was part of 'the Alliance' group where are leader name was Billy the 'Kid', we also had the Surge, Music Man, the Reaper. We started frienships with Eagle Soft Inc (ESI), North East Pirating Association (NEPA hehe PiraTed) and the Bencor Brothers. Even though alot of peeps we knew would war with one another about who Cracked the latest Game. NEPA and the Alliance were merely hackers, phreakers and what not. My alias in the day was the Transactor (LOL). Good to go nostalgia once in a while!
dbFM 2004-07-10
oh wow!! just when i've had my fill of flashtros, I see a link to this site where i can download the originals! Brings back the memories of those fun old skool days!! Thank you. Big love and respect to all those who remember those days
Hades 2004-07-06
cool site!!! I miss some Intros from Blackmail an the Paco crew.
oldskool [ ] 2004-06-18
nice site!
Coco of ACE/Bros/Hotline 2004-06-07
Nice Site with a lot of Intros, back to the roots again! I missed some latest Bros Intros and Demos here... Anyway its a cool Site here! Greetz Coco 2011 Maybe we'll see us again somewhere...
17 years after my "career" finished on c64 i am very happy to see the work of all my friends again! Thanks for this great page and remember that we sad 19 hours a day copying, programming (hard working ...) just to be mentioned in other intros etc. Thanx Thanx Thanx
Does anyone know an intro named "The Last Intro" ? The music was from Rob Hubbard.
[ ] 2004-05-11
I just looove looking at good old intros. This site rocks !!!
hi 2 all i am looking for intros from a german group called: Twilight Zone (located in offenbach/germany) does someone have intros from TW ? or have a link for me ? TW members: Idefix Goofy prince thanx for your answers.... may u live 2 see the dawn prince
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