Wow, this goes way back time. You even have the intro of my group in my c64 period. Nice that you keep those memories a live!!!
Goblin 2004-05-01
Wow..this brings back memories..I was member of NFI while back..super collection of intros guys..long live the 64!!
Crime of Alpha Flight 1970 [ Nice page of AFL! Demos and old games reprogrammed in Flash by 7 Up! ] 2004-04-28
Hi! As a real founder member of AFL (we build AFL at a copy party in Cologne many years ago!) I will send some greetings out to the world: Seven Up (founder member, too and still one of my best friends! Greetz to D'dorf...) - TGM (Crazy alcoholic and drug addict! ;-) and to all AFL Pilots worldwide! Other greetings to Flash (Cologne), Light Circle, Radwar, Irata, World of Wonders and to all my old swapping contacts in the world! Especially to my very fast deliver contact in England who send me some pearls for C64 and later on Amiga! Keep this scene alive! Legends never die! This flight will never stop... (/) Crime of Alpha Flight (/)
[ Rampar, Survivor, NEC, PE, FBR Intros/Demos ] 2004-04-25
You're missing Survivor demos from the list... you can find them on my page :)
thanks to all people for this great site. i found our long missed intro here. when you have another stuff from us, please send it to: myxin5338@freenet.de. Bye
OmegaSupreme 2004-04-04
Hi Zyron! Glad you picked up this site again. By the way, it looks much better than the old one ;-) Those intro's are really cool ... I didn't know I would recognize so much of them even after almost 12 years. I even remember the music :-)
Great Idea, Zyron! Remembering the old times always makes my heart run faster. It's good to see that many stuff around.. Greets to all remembering me! See ya..
I'm glad this site grew up :) desing is great thumbs up. N
It´s nice to see, that this is back again. Keep up the good work. ;-) /Dishy
Radar/Arcade 2004-03-10
Nice site, even found some missing intros from Victims ;-) Keep on working, it's a good idea covered under a nice web-design. Great!
[ Titan HomePage ] 2004-03-10
Cant find yar contact e-mail, so just to drop ya a link to my c64 intro collection: http://www.geocities.com/t7n/C64_introz.html Its gonna go offline soon, so... Hurry! :) -757
Hmh.. where's the option to download the whole bulk.. as in one big zipfile.. downloading 1.5k of files takes waaaay too long :/
cool site with cool intros!
Doc Snyder [ c64 cracktros re-done in flash ] 2004-03-08
Great site.. it's good to know that this outstanding ressource is back online!!
dalezy/creators+f4cg [ rngmnn+dalezy ] 2004-03-08
hej herr zyron, keep up the good work, this site is really essential for anyone into collecting intros. =)
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