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[ ] 2001-10-02
Nice to see a old 64 site. Will try and get some old stuff to put on.
SPYRO 2001-09-30
I have only a Pentium 166 MMX and I have no trouble running these intros. Its good to see these old demos brought back to life in all there glory. Forget about the LAMIGA the c64 is coolest computer to ever exist on this planet!!
[ ] 2001-09-05
I was in The Guardians International here in Toronto, Canada from 1986-1989 - Unfortunately the intro you have up on here is realllly OLD we had a lot better ones so I hope to see one of those up soon :) I lost contact with almost everyone from those days, they really were great and I grew up with the whole scene... Thanks for keeping the memories alive.
Steeg 2001-08-04
C64 ruled more than any computer nowadays. I just LOVE this site, reminds me of days gone by (cuz i sold my c64 already 10 years ago). Thanx to emulators and sites like this, i can dig up old memories. Keep up the good work!!
[ ] 2001-06-13
Great, great site! Keep up the good work!
[ Home Of The Hitmen ] 2001-05-13
Great work, hope you guys will continue updating this decent item here. All the best, later Stephan!
[ ] 2001-04-30
Great side. Keep on collectiong good, old, great and never forgotten Intros....!!!!
Lamer 2001-04-20
Your hard work is much appreciated. (By the way, some of these intros are much better than the games they were attached to!)
[ cool page, back to the old times ] 2001-04-06
[ Forbidden Depths ] 2001-04-04
Awesome site, great to relive the old times. Keep up the FANTASTIC work Johan!! Thumbs up!
[ Padua ] 2001-03-22
Johan, please keep up the great work! /Frank
brings back memories of the good olde days of the c64!
[ how are you gentlemen !! ] 2001-03-11
all your slajd are belong to us
Lamer 2001-02-20
Please make a page where you list the new additions when they are added -- makes it easier for us leeeechers :P Man this page makes me nostalgic...!
[ X-Rated History ] 2001-01-26
all start on vc20,c16,c64 and this site shows it all, from the early dayz until now. thiz is the best way to show all those kidis where it all starts. pEaCe X-rated sinxce 1988...
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