Welcome back !
[ http://www.trsi.org ] 2013-11-29
yeeah planet mule is back
[ http://csdb.dk ] 2013-08-03
Ich hasse alle der C64 Cracktro's! :)
Puma/Caution [ my files ] 2012-12-14
Great site
[ Unforgotten C64 Legends ] 2012-10-10
Keep this site running - Great stuff!
Rough 2012-02-06
Here's one you're missing:- http://piratesportal.cbm8bit.com/a/f/facup/c64/main2.html
New Guestbook Entry 2011-10-14
pleeeeaze give us an update
Dörmändöör 2011-10-13
Yes, C64intros back on the net.
Rough 2011-06-29
For intros which arent here yet, check csdb crack intros which don't have a download icon.
Excellent site. Guys - Anyone come acrose The Source Intros from the late 80's early 90's. I was part of this and remember having a copy as a d64 image. Been toying with the idea of decompiling them for all to learn from.. Please let me know if you have a copy of the d64 discs 2 i believe. Thanks WTK
Demo-Junkie 2011-04-24
we neeeeed more intros... *gnarrrr* :))
Tormentor 2011-04-16
THX for the good work. The c64 will NEVER die. Greets Tormentor from ***Top-Gun*** ;)
ThanXXX so much for putting me back 25 years in history. It was a great and hat time. Greetings, blubablub
rough 2010-12-13
another lovely update, thanx guys.
ian&zyron: check out the intro on this one, PURE 64 ACTION ! http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=74197
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